So Slowly…

(This poem is based off true events. And I’m sure some of you can relate.)


Just 8 more minutes…

8 more minutes of silent enduring

8 more minutes before the saving bell rings

8 more minutes of clicking my pen

8 more minutes of pretending to listen


I glance at the watch, 5 more minutes

5 more minutes of silently counting down

Slumping at the desk, I’m glued to my seat

And thought “Just 5 more minutes of simply looking around.”


So slowly…time goes so slowly

Watch as the hand of the clock ticks by

Like a slow motion part in a movie

Until I give up in desperation and sigh


All I could do is stare like a zombie at the board

By the way I look, I am obviously bored

Slowly…so slowly until I’m braindead from boredom

Counting the seconds till I’m free from this endless momentum


Just a few more minutes, and I’m twitching with happiness

Cleaning up the desk, and shoving the stuff in my bag

Zipping my bag up, which is now a huge mess

Then looking up to the watch, and barely 20 seconds have passed

Groooan, why is my life so lagged?


Just a little more before I regain my power

But the minutes seemed to turn into hours

Slowly…why does time go so slowly?

How many eons more before I’m set free?


Less than a minute, and I’m screaming silently in endless joy

All the adrenaline in my body suddenly seemed to deploy

I snap my head up and straightened my back a bit

Giddy as a mouse, I could barely contain myself in my seat


5, any second now, just any second

4, So close, I’m so clooose…

3, Time is getting slower and slower, I reckon

2, Beaming with joy, I waited excitedly with bated breath

1, the world seemed to freeze at that fateful moment…




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19 responses to “So Slowly…

  1. can’t believe this was 3 years ago.
    fun stuff.
    Do you ever notice how much you’ve changed over the years, through your poetry? like, look at the shit we write now, and the shit we used to write back when we first started off. I cannot tell which one’s better. but its very fascinating to read all the same.

    • OH GOD WHY WOULD YOU BRING THIS BACK UP. This was one of the worst things I’ve ever had the gall to post on my blog EVER. Just…ugh. No. Why this.

      Yes on the whole changing thing though. I can barely even believe that the shit I wrote last summer was written by me. It’s like, how did I even write this? What thought process went through my head that made me write such a thing? Just who the hell was I back then? Back then, I wrote mostly crappy emo shit, but now…….actually, yeah, it’s pretty much all the same. *shrug* It’s nice to look back at though. Even though it’s all shit, past or present.

      • hehehehe. I wanted to get you all riled up over this and see how you’d react xD

        It is a decent poem though! but yeah…reading our old poetry is like going through our journals or something, isn’t it? like you said; it might be shit, it might not be shit, but there’s still something about it that makes you get all nostalgic and stuff.
        makes me love poetry althemore.

      • Well it worked. Ya got me cringing, and ya got me cringing reaaal good, A. Mazel tov.

        This is decent? Dude, that’s like saying Hitler’s a good person. Just…no. But yeah, it’s kinda nice to just look back on all the stupid stuff you wrote and laugh or cry. Or both, depending on how bad it is. Past me clearly had a thing for mental illnesses and gore. Rock on, 13-y/o Allen, you lil shit. Rock on.

      • We seriously need a place to chat. Like, a proper one.

      • agreed. do you have some place in mind?

      • Not particularly, no. You?

      • aaaaahhhhh. i only use whatsapp. <.<

      • I’m on a PC right now though. And I have zero idea how WhatsApp works. .___.

      • how do you usually chat with other friends online?

      • Ha ha, trick question! I don’t. Facebook, maybe, but I usually don’t.

      • hahaha i think wattpad should be good for both of us, if you still have your account there, that is.

        but ughh my internet connection is being a pain in the ass

      • That might work, yeah. My old account’s a bit rusty and all, but I’ll bust it out just for this. Best not use my latest account though. Oh god, the things you will see there…*shuts eyes and shudders* Anyhowww. Not pressuring you or anything. If your internet connection’s being a total bellend, well, no worries.

      • you have two accounts? ahahah but don’t you post all your poetry on wordpress anyway? WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING FROM ME OMG TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME.

        do you remember my wattpad username? xD

      • What? No. N-no I don’t. Sh-shut up. WHO SAID THAT

        Is it still the one? Are you the Lego Shakespeare? Wow. Colour me surprised, you actually post there, you sneaky bugger! (I’m still alostpainting, btw)

        On the record, I’m not hiding anything from anyone! *mutters* Maybe some shitty fanfics and stuff like that here and there whAT NO YOU HEARD NOTHING

      • hahah PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not read any of the shit that I posted on that profile.

        same old doctor who fanfics? why am I not surprised xD
        unless it has erotic sex involved, I don’t see why you should hide it from me!

      • Alright, if that’s what you want, I’m off-limits, I swear. *backs off slowly*

        Okay first of all, what Doctor Who fanfics? I’ve never written any. Well I mean I’ve written one, but that bit’s never coming out. And secondly, no creepy nothings in my fanfics, but it’s just…bad. So, so, so, soooooooo bad. Horrible, The worst. Just…urgh. No. You should never see it EVER. It’s gonna ruin me.

      • i hope you got access to your account, btw.

      • I just logged in right now. It still seems pretty functional, more or less.

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