A useless announcement

So it’s valentines. Huh. 

Since it is the month of love (God, that sounds so mushy), I’ll be posting a couple of poems and shiz that may or may not be love…linked?

But don’t expect anything really mushy of full of love or other disgusting stuff like that from me. Well, you probably won’t, based on my previous posts. But if you’re new here, then…No. Just…don’t expect that. I don’t roll like that.

I’ll give out a forewarning, just to make things clear.

WARNING: Some (or most…or all…) of the stuff I am going to post are mostly bloody and really psychopathic, since it comes from a psychopathic, vivid mind. I also described some stuff in here a little too…descriptive? So if you cannot take that kind of stuff, or you have some sort of heart disease or whatnot, then please, I suggest that you close this page, throw your laptop or PC or phone into a blazing fire, and just carry on with your life. Also, this warning is getting too long. And I suck at professionalism. But, I digress. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Got all that? Good.

That’s all I really had to say. Oh, wait. Sorry for being inactive as well. But fear not, dear readers, I am returning!

Okay, that’s all I really had to say. 


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