Inseparable : Valentines Post #1

(Quick note: A yandere is a person that will kill for love. Literally. She will kill anyone, or anything, just to get her love. Sometimes she even kills the very person she loves.)


I-t’s only me and you in here

N-ow we’re finally alone, so do not fear

S-uffering, the people who tried to separate us

E-radicated, those who got in our way

P-lay along, don’t worry, don’t cause such a fuss

A- knife in hand, I’ll protect you forever, starting today

R-est now, ignore the cold unmoving bodies all around

A-nd the screams and whimpers and crying that resound

B-e happy, for we two are inseparable now and forever

L-ove, murder, and revenge is stronger than anyone

E-njoy, have fun, good luck, love, your little yandere-chan.

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