Amaranthine (A Never Ending Loop)

(A first attempt at making a really deep and dark poem…and I  failed badly. This poem is somewhat free verse, and sorry if it’s unclear or unorganized or you couldn’t really understand it. P.S. Sorry I disappeared for, like, months. But anyways. On with the poem~)


As the lost souls in hell cry out in remorse;

The paucity of those who weep

Yet they’re trapped there until they are silenced

And forever may be over by then


Whilst we live, perfunctory and controlled

Bounded by the chains we carry for eternity

With our souls, colder than the winter rain

As our delirious mind reaches out in vain


And our dark hearts, untouched and bleak

Cold and empty, like the endless abyss

Our thoughts disguised, devoid, and consumed

Our feelings washed out, poisoned, removed


But the rage crashing inside us, cruel, volatile and wild

The things we choke down, the words we strangle off

Yet the agony and torture we choose, the emotions we exiled

And this residue remains, imprints, marks, leftover pain


Withered flowers, puppeted by the cruel winds

Bends and dances with the songs of our sins

And the blades of the unforgiving wind cuts through our skins

As we feel the harshness of our own mistakes


Pained spirits gaze of into the boundless skyline

The voices of the Seraphs echoing in the evanescing sunshine

And they sing, grave and cacophonic, varying requiems

As our deathbed awaits, bitter, harsh, quiescent


We breath our last dying breaths with a scent of regret

And we finally leave this world and enter the graves we dug up

With no one to care, and no one to grieve, we lay until we rot

This was the final fate our lives had met


Our souls get pulled into a place of chaos and madness

We get thrown away in an endless river of misery and nightmares

We get drenched with pain and torture, the hurt seeping through our bones

And we finally end up, one with the lost, crying, wandering souls.

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