On Creating A Poem

Everything can be

a poem

if you hit enter

loads of times

And don’t forget

to add some deep words

like propinquity

Or serendipity

to make it vivid and colorful

And maybe sometimes

make it rhyme

to make it cleaner

and perhaps a tad better

But never forget

the most important thing

to make a poem

really great and memorable

you must add

some meaning to it

May it be big or small;

happy or sad;

serious or funny

For a poem without meaning

Is like a life without a soul.


(Made this at like, 3 in the morning. Sorry if it looks so incredibly dumb, I was out of my mind when I made this (It was 3 a.m., remember?)

As for the first parts, before anyone comments about how offensive or insulting it was, I am not trying to insult anyone. This poem was merely intended for entertainment purposes(I think) or maybe even inspirational purposes(hardly), and it was just to add some humor into the poem. I myself know the pains and processes in creating a poem, so I wouldn’t dare make fun of poets who pour their souls into creating poetry. So if anyone gets offended, I am greatly sorry in advance.

Aye, I’m done with my rant. I need to get some sleep.)

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