Madness in Wonderland (Come, Alice Dear)

Warning: Filled with blood and gore and violence. Yeah. You have been warned.


Come, Alice dear, follow the dead black rabbit down the hole

Faster, faster, faster you must fall

Ignore the floating limbs and severed body parts

The rolling eyes, the ropes of guts, this is just where the fun starts

And once you arrive, you’ll begin to understand

Come now, don’t fear, join us in the madness of wonderland


Come, Alice dear, paint the white roses with blood

Taint the pureness of the white with a fierce, angry red

And once you are in trial, kill all the soldiers and let the corpses flood

Corner the red queen, grab your axe…and off with her head


Come, Alice dear, mutate all of the creatures

With your glinting knife, change their mundane and boring features

Torture the caterpillar with smoke, murder some baby twins, drive an old hare insane

Put a mouse to eternal sleep, break a wild dog’s head off, torment a bird until it screams in pain

Slit a cat’s mouth into a wide smile and throw his body away, never to be found again


Come, Alice dear, go in search for the so-called jabberwocky

Yet, don’t go ahead and follow that old and absolutely useless prophecy

Train the jabberwocky instead, command it to follow you

And once that’s done, you could use it to your whims, add it on your army too


Come, Alice dear, head off to the asylum, where the maddest tea party ever is occurring

Broken tables, smashed pots and cups, puddles of blood, and horrifying screams that resound

Gather up the madmen, and use them as an army for rebelling

And head on to the White Castle, a mere few miles from where the asylum’s found


Come, Alice dear, bring down the kingdom with your mad army

Use sheer brute force, kill if you must, show absolutely no mercy

And then exile the queen, never to be stepping her feet in wonderland, leave her to rot and be dead

Or better yet, rip out her still beating heart, and start to feast on her it instead


Come, Alice dear, claim the queen’s throne

And rule the whole of Wonderland simply for your own

With nothing but the darkness, crazed solders, gruesome animals, and subjects that cower

And thus begins a new reign, your new frabjous reign of pure terror
C-come, Alice dear, I have some food for you

Don’t mind the tight straitjacket; I’ll be the one to feed you too

Oh dear, what’s this babble all about this “wonderland” again?

My, my, you have seemed to forgotten your medicine

Stop screaming and pounding already, no one’s here to listen to all those crazy words

Just eat this pill, drink some water, and go back to your own little world…

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