Phantom Heart

I didn’t know what was wrong with me

Always feeling lost, broken, washed up by the sea

These emotions I once had gradually seemed to disappear

Love, hate, anger, contentment, fear


That warmth I had inside me is now gone

All my happiness, excitement, and fun

All that I am now are bits of broken glass

Fragile, thrown on the floor, never meant to last


A shell of emptiness, that’s what I seemed to be

A lost soul, a missing spirit, with a faithless reality

A robot, a person hidden by a mask of hollow lies

Locking away and left hidden, all her bitter laments and cries


But now I realised that you were at fault

That you shattered my heart, left it to be cold

You were the the one who painted my red heart to black

And left my hurting soul all tattered and cracked


And now I know about this ailment I have

All the signs seem to mix and all the symptoms add

The blurs have been cleared, the static faded away

Yet this disease of mine will be left to stay


What I now have is a phantom heart

A smudge, an imprint, a scar that never heals remains, never to be gone

I can feel my heart  pulsing, moving, beating inside of my chest

…And yet I have none.

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