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Alice in Wonderland Shorts: Red Queen, White Queen



My soldiers are traitors, my dear jabberwocky gone

And my reign of terror in Wonderland, suddenly done

I used to be bright red, but now wish myself dead

I am nothing, a speck of dust, a mere broken thread

Without anyone anyone else, I make a rope necklace and go ahead

Hang myself in a rotting dead tree…and off with my head.



My sister is dead, all my family fled

And everyone shivers and cowers in fear for their heads

I used to be pure white, but now dark as blood

I am the highest, the greatest, I am a god

Get down on your filthy knees, and to me you will bow

There is no one else to save you, I am the queen now…


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Poem Shorts: Alice in Wonderland Edition



Here in your vision, but gone the next

The cheshire, I grin widely, with madness and not vex

Vanishing, floating, the laws of physics I reject

Well, I’m merely from your delusions, what do you expect?



Faster, faster, I must run faster than this

Ignore the pain and my blistering feet, I must take the risk

Time is running out, reaching out to finally catch me

But not if I run faster, and finally break free.



I swim in my tears, I swim in my sadness

I swim for miles, diving, searching up and down

Yet no one stretches his hand to save me from the darkness

So I’ll stay and swim forever until I finally drown…



I do nothing but sleep all my troubles away

My dreams are colorful and amazing, my life boring and gray

I breathe when I sleep, and I sleep while I breathe

Until Death comes for me, and frees my trapped soul beneath.



How are we sure that the White Queen’s not the Red Queen dressed in white?

I’ve tried telling everyone, but they all believe otherwise

Grabbing a sword, no, a teapot,  I will finish the job to end these lies

Smash it into her putrid head, and show them that I’m right…


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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Do I reflect a monster, threatening to fall?

Do they see the tears on my broken face and eyes?

Shh, no one will know I wear a mask of lies…

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Just like lightning, you struck me without warning

A zap, a dash, and my insides immediately tingled, my soul felt like it was burning

You left me feeling dazed and oh so electrified

You lit up what’s once empty darkness and made me see the light

They said you were harmful, but I paid them no heed at all

Because you struck me so quickly, I didn’t have time to think

All I knew is that you’re the brightness within the inky skies and my murky soul

And that you’re sent directly from the Heavens, such an amazing being

But now I stand here all alone, knowing that all good things must come to an end

Because, just like lightning, you quickly arrived and left.

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I was once told that there was this place called ‘paradise’

Such an amazing and beautiful place, where there was no pain nor lies

No hate, no anger, no endless enduring

Peacefulness, not misery, not war, no cries of suffering


But little did I know

About all the effects and consequences

I was a child, I took it with naivety, my mind was so slow

So in the end, it ended up as one big mess


You are my torturous escape

My painful paradise

And whoever knew that the paradise that was my fate

Would be my own demise?

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After Life

Just imagine a place, cramped and small

Or think of the most solitary place you could befall

A dirty, claustrophobic room, a windowless room

An endless hallway, the dark side of the moon


A peephole in a door, forever unused

Shadows hiding everything, you are refused

A quiet, wind-whipped desert, where no directions exist

A lone rotten house, a place where the night never seems to cease


A foggy place where unseen figures roam

A withered forest, enclosed in a dome

A plain with all sounds muffled by the driving winds

An island eternally floating in a sea of darkness


Now imagine spending an eternity there

Must be terrifying, and can drive you mad

You wouldn’t see anyone, you couldn’t go anywhere

A place with only you and the voices in your head, it must be quite sad


How to stand it, I don not know how

The place, within seconds, will make you insane to your very core

It must be a very scary scenario for now

…But in the afterlife, it’s not just a scenario anymore.

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Last Goodbyes

Although my thoughts are flooding up

In my mind and in my heart

They get instantly blocked out and get stopped

When I try to speak

And all the words I want to say

Simply turn to static

My tongue feels greatly weighed down by rocks

But my head is soaring up

So when I try to connect them both

I spit out gravel when I talk.

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