After Life

Just imagine a place, cramped and small

Or think of the most solitary place you could befall

A dirty, claustrophobic room, a windowless room

An endless hallway, the dark side of the moon


A peephole in a door, forever unused

Shadows hiding everything, you are refused

A quiet, wind-whipped desert, where no directions exist

A lone rotten house, a place where the night never seems to cease


A foggy place where unseen figures roam

A withered forest, enclosed in a dome

A plain with all sounds muffled by the driving winds

An island eternally floating in a sea of darkness


Now imagine spending an eternity there

Must be terrifying, and can drive you mad

You wouldn’t see anyone, you couldn’t go anywhere

A place with only you and the voices in your head, it must be quite sad


How to stand it, I don not know how

The place, within seconds, will make you insane to your very core

It must be a very scary scenario for now

…But in the afterlife, it’s not just a scenario anymore.


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