Poem Shorts: Alice in Wonderland Edition



Here in your vision, but gone the next

The cheshire, I grin widely, with madness and not vex

Vanishing, floating, the laws of physics I reject

Well, I’m merely from your delusions, what do you expect?



Faster, faster, I must run faster than this

Ignore the pain and my blistering feet, I must take the risk

Time is running out, reaching out to finally catch me

But not if I run faster, and finally break free.



I swim in my tears, I swim in my sadness

I swim for miles, diving, searching up and down

Yet no one stretches his hand to save me from the darkness

So I’ll stay and swim forever until I finally drown…



I do nothing but sleep all my troubles away

My dreams are colorful and amazing, my life boring and gray

I breathe when I sleep, and I sleep while I breathe

Until Death comes for me, and frees my trapped soul beneath.



How are we sure that the White Queen’s not the Red Queen dressed in white?

I’ve tried telling everyone, but they all believe otherwise

Grabbing a sword, no, a teapot,  I will finish the job to end these lies

Smash it into her putrid head, and show them that I’m right…


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