Realistic Fakery

I smile and cheer, but inside I’m actually frowning

I laugh, I grin, but internally I’m crying

I’m friendly, I’m social, but I want to be on my own

I have some friends, my family, but I always feel so alone


I’m active and bubbly, but also feeling utterly lousy

I’m climbing up the ladder, but still drowning, going under

I’m healed, I’m bandaged, but I’m still severely bleeding

I look so well and alive, but I’m already dying


I might look like this, but actually I’m not

I may seem cool and composed, but I’m already starting to rot

I am happy, cheerful, but my endless guilt makes me sad

Things might seem to go all good, but it’s already going bad


I’m so happy, so jubilant, while my soul slides down to depressed

I’m fixed, all patched up, but there are parts still all messed

I’m confident, fearless, but so very shy and shamed

I’m painless, numbed down, but still filled with infinite pain


I’ve been deceiving for so long, hiding under a mask of lies

Trickery, manipulation, muffling out my own tears and cries

But I fear that one day the boundaries shatter inside of me

And I’ll be stuck forever, miming in realistic fakery.

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