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POEM SHORTS: Distorted Reveries


I stare at the frosted window, peering deep into my soul

But only nothingness did I see

I look into the mirror, hoping to find myself whole

But instead, a monster greeted me.



Black roses are dead

Wilting violets a dull hue

All laid on your lonely grave

As I say goodbye to you.



Sometimes I imagine if I ever suddenly disappeared

Would it even matter, would they notice I’m not here?

But no matter how much I wish, and no matter how I feel

I know it’s just simply impossible, and I never will.



A lovely dress to cover up the scars and wounds that they all despise

Thick makeup to hide my washed-up face and swollen eyes

A mask of happiness to muffle out my painful cries

And now I’m finally finished:a very beautiful lie.



Lighted black candles and a blazing chromatic pyre

Seraphs, in chorus, mournfully singing dark requiems desire

Roses, faint of blood, sharp thorns ready to wound

A funeral for the lost, a shadow mourning under the moon.


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Rotten Hearsay and Dinner

(Based on recent events in the house.)


A should-be perfect dinner, with dishes piled high

And a happy contented family ready to try

Yet things go for worse when it came and visited

Knocked on their door, its eyes glimmering red


An evil entity crashing in at the dead of the fun

Destroyed the clean tables, and went to run

Faces lowered down on crushed spaghetti sticks

A good dinner left untouched, a person sick


Rotten hearsay had passed from ear to ear

Broken lies that will always stay near

More complaints and thoughts for the unwilling

Another injury and blood for the healing


Tempers flared high, and screams explode

The family was in the state to slowly corrode

The good night ruined, the wrong of the right

Another perfect family left to fight


The tables have turned, and the family rotten

The entity already satisfied, and left the trail broken

Another victim struck, with hearsay as the weapon

The demon smiled, and with its tongue of lies, went on.

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Perfect Insanity

Painful thoughts wildly envelop my sad, crazed, broken mind

Every single word is all static, every single sight garbled and wrong

Rotting in isolation, my own shattered sanity I couldn’t even find

Freaky shadows and grotesque monsters have been lurking for oh-so long

Every corner, every part of my mind, are haunted, housed, destroyed by all those

Crazy, insane, psycho, just plain mad, I’ve been a long-time host

Those thoughts that are clouded, all faded, tend to break my mind the most

Inside my tortured soul, I’m screaming madly for some help, some salvation

No one seems to hear though, no one seems to even care

Save my life, save my mind, stop me from unraveling my faraway creations

All I ever asked for was some rest, but I guess life’s just not simply fair

Neverending toxic emotions and feelings flood my entire polluted life

It leaves me all torn up, fills my heart with infinite hurt and strife

Though no one can see me, I guess I’ll just have to be happy

Yes, because I’m living my life in perfect insanity.

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I am dead.

I still retain my physical form, well, yes indeed

And I still possess my body, my skin and bones, my seed

But I might as well be a cold corpse, with my heart getting rust

With my soul slowly wilting, my core turning to ashes and dust


Sallow skin, sunken and bloodshot eyes, a disregard for other human life

Cold blue lips, a blank stare, a soul built up on endless lies

A zombie, a living dead, a talking corpse, the walking undead

A man with no heart nor soul, but still remains his brain, his head


I live monochromatically, in black and white, not technicolor

A day goes by and all I see are gray sunsets and blurred fervors

Dark sunrises, muted colors, a dank and filthy human race

Black here, white there, the same old gray sneering face


Then why bother me? Why can’t you just see?

You’re not living, you’re locked up, you’re caged, why not set yourself free?

What is a world without chromaticity? Without any bits of color?

Why not just whip out your gun, your knife, your noose, your razor?


Is there even a point in living? I mean, why bother to live?

Why bother if your emotions, your feelings, your core, have already started to leave?

Why not, huh? Why not die permanently? To stop this torture easily?

To finish this endless parade, to end this stupid charade




Because…maybe, just maybe someday, someone can discover my lifeless body

Maybe, maybe, that certain someone will try their best to revive me

Reclaim my soul, color my sight, breathe life into me once again

Revive my still pulse, electrify my unbeating heart, remove that thrusted knife

…But, I guess that it will never be bound to happen

So for now I’ll just cross my fingers, keep waiting, and keep on living my cold lifeless life.

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Public Enemy Number One

Tease and jeer all you want, I’m completely used to it

As they laugh and make fun of me, all alone I sit

I do something right, and yet they choose to ignore

But one wrong move, and they notice, they give me horror

And fat load of good my family was, as well

‘Cause all they ever did was drag my life deeper into hell

My siblings sneer and mock me, my mother turned a blind eye and ran

As they stare into the face of me, public enemty number one


Bits of garbage in my hair, loads of rubbish at my feet

Why does it even matter, since I’m just also trash lying on the street

Insults and injuries for me, the words pass through my head

You’re stupid, you’re ugly, you’re better off dead

And at home, all they give me is useless loads of crap

Make new ways to punish me, to lead me into a trap

All I am is just a human prop, used by the people to have fun

A useless toy, a plaything, public enemy number one


For years I have tolerated it all, absorbed up all their lies

Like a sponge, simply soaking up all the hate that I despised

Days and weeks flew by, and all I ever did was tremble and cry

And never once did I ever leave or ever say goodbye

But now’s the breaking point, I simply couldn’t take it anymore

I can’t go on carrying this torturous ordeal, with this harrowing chore

And after I kill myself, I know they’ll miss me when I’m gone

They’ll miss toruring, picking on, having around a public enemy number one.

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Amor, Corda, Sanguis III: BLOOD

(Part three.)

Honey…wake up…dear…darling?…

I  woke up, and my dear wife was dead

Shotgun, a bullet put through her head

The bed, the sheets, the floor, they flood

With endless amounts of warm, sticky blood

I blinked my eyes, and cried in vain

When I realized that this was not a dream

Who did this!? Which sick bastard killed my wife!?

Which psychotic bitch broke her pretty face, ended her life!?

How the hell am I supposed to live without her?

She was my life, my core, my soul, my lover!

No…why, just why have they done this to me!?

My dearest angel, my love, please don’t leave me, can’t you see!?

God, why have you done this to me, to her!?

She didn’t do anything wrong! She was so innocent, so much better!

No…just wait…wait, I still hear her voice so loud!

My wife! She’s still awake and alive! Clear and proud!

Darling, are you here? Are you forever trapped in that mirror?

Is that just my ghastly reflection? What is happening? What’s this horror?

Please, no, my love, come down here, come back to my life!

Don’t come with those Seraphs, my soul will be filled with endless strife!

…I hear them coming…the persistent voices…the are near

The requiems are getting louder, soon…they’ll be arriving here

I cannot live like this anymore, so I guess I’ll beat them to the race

Just wait for me, my darling…soon, just once more, again, I’ll see your face



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Amor, Corda, Sanguis II: HEARTS

(Part two.)

Honey…wake up, dear…darling?


Are you okay? Come on, wake up sleepyhead, it’s already morning!

Must…killl…no, more, lies…

Dear? What is this? Are you having a nightmare?

Must…not…death, death…He’s near…

Oh no, wake up love, please, I’m getting scared!

Ah, you’re awake, that’s a big relief for me!

Are you okay now? I made you some breakfast, dearie~

…My wife…she’s…she’s dead.

What? That’s just ridiculous, I’m not dead, I’m still here!

A bullet…straight through her head.

No honey, I’m still alive,come on, do not fear!

What do I do!? She’s gone, she’s gone!

Love, Is this a joke? Are you even listening?

What will I do!? What have they done!?

Please listen to me! Face me! This isn’t amusing!

No…no! You! You killed her!

What!? No, it’s me, your wife!

You sick bastard, why have you killed my lover!?

I didn’t kill myself! I’m still full of life!

You murderer, you fucker, you sick, sick psycho!

Why are you doing this!? Have you gone mad!?

Must…avenge…her life…yes…NO!

Darling, what are you dong with that gun? No, please, this is bad!

You must die, I don’t care if I die with you, you killer freak!

Nooooo! I don’t wanna die, I don’t want you to die, stop this, please!

No more chances for you…click, click, click



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Amor, Corda, Sanguis I: LOVE

(Part one of my late valentines post.)

I love you…

The moon shall rise, and the planets falter

But my love for you will never alter

The sun shall burn on, and the universe corrode

The unknown found and the mysteries get decode

The wind’ll stop breathing, the world will cease to spin

But I’ll take you away, you’re my regretless sin

I don’t care if they chain me, fill my head with lies

I’ll still hold your hands tight as we fly into paradise

To your darkest days, I’ll be your light

I’ll be the guide to the tunnel, I’ll be the sword in your fight

We’ll fight the demons together, break free from the chains

I’ll take the crippling depression away, all the hurt and the pain

I don’t mind the chaos ensuing, the bedlam that will arise

I’ll pull heaven and hell together, just to see your eyes

And even though I’ll have to travel far, have to walk a million miles

I’ll drag these shackles day and night just to see that smile

I’ll save you from those scorching flames, though the demons claim my soul

I do not care if the universe rips apart, I’ll still do my role

And as the world ends, I’ll pull you close into my heart

And together we’ll watch as the world plunges into the dark




Even though you pulled the trigger that cost me my life

And your crimson-stained hands now wield a sharp glinting knife

And even if I sit in Heaven while you burn in eternal flames in Hell

I still love you so much, that I could tell.

Darling, can you hear me? Goodbye…

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MURDER, they cried (A Murderer’s Lost Elegy)

A gun in one hand,

a knife in the other

A cigarette wedged between my mouth

Scars and wounds, my body gets covered


I want their blood, a mad fervor

A year of killing, a life to die for

A thirst to hurt, a desire to kill

An insatiable pain, revenge and will


Your blood is my lifeline

Even though I drain my own

Your souls are already mine

And yet the demons carve mine in stone


The questions swirling around my head

The voices refusing to stop until I’m dead

Why did I turn out like this?

A madman, a psycho, a complicated death kiss?


Ha, as if you’d ever forget

That this was all your fault

You trapped me into this inescapable net

You let me slip deeper into this zone


You nudged me on with your cold blue eyes

You ruined my life with your sickly lies

And after all you did, you left me to crumble

To cry, to weep, to scream, to mumble


So I’ll keep on ruthlessly murdering

Let the crimson liquid shed

Just to take back some of my life that’s gone

Or hell, even just for pure fun


And now I shall keep on killing

Keep on taking lives as my own

Until the devil’s cry consumes me

And into Hell I’m dragged and thrown.


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