Amor, Corda, Sanguis I: LOVE

(Part one of my late valentines post.)

I love you…

The moon shall rise, and the planets falter

But my love for you will never alter

The sun shall burn on, and the universe corrode

The unknown found and the mysteries get decode

The wind’ll stop breathing, the world will cease to spin

But I’ll take you away, you’re my regretless sin

I don’t care if they chain me, fill my head with lies

I’ll still hold your hands tight as we fly into paradise

To your darkest days, I’ll be your light

I’ll be the guide to the tunnel, I’ll be the sword in your fight

We’ll fight the demons together, break free from the chains

I’ll take the crippling depression away, all the hurt and the pain

I don’t mind the chaos ensuing, the bedlam that will arise

I’ll pull heaven and hell together, just to see your eyes

And even though I’ll have to travel far, have to walk a million miles

I’ll drag these shackles day and night just to see that smile

I’ll save you from those scorching flames, though the demons claim my soul

I do not care if the universe rips apart, I’ll still do my role

And as the world ends, I’ll pull you close into my heart

And together we’ll watch as the world plunges into the dark




Even though you pulled the trigger that cost me my life

And your crimson-stained hands now wield a sharp glinting knife

And even if I sit in Heaven while you burn in eternal flames in Hell

I still love you so much, that I could tell.

Darling, can you hear me? Goodbye…

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