Amor, Corda, Sanguis II: HEARTS

(Part two.)

Honey…wake up, dear…darling?


Are you okay? Come on, wake up sleepyhead, it’s already morning!

Must…killl…no, more, lies…

Dear? What is this? Are you having a nightmare?

Must…not…death, death…He’s near…

Oh no, wake up love, please, I’m getting scared!

Ah, you’re awake, that’s a big relief for me!

Are you okay now? I made you some breakfast, dearie~

…My wife…she’s…she’s dead.

What? That’s just ridiculous, I’m not dead, I’m still here!

A bullet…straight through her head.

No honey, I’m still alive,come on, do not fear!

What do I do!? She’s gone, she’s gone!

Love, Is this a joke? Are you even listening?

What will I do!? What have they done!?

Please listen to me! Face me! This isn’t amusing!

No…no! You! You killed her!

What!? No, it’s me, your wife!

You sick bastard, why have you killed my lover!?

I didn’t kill myself! I’m still full of life!

You murderer, you fucker, you sick, sick psycho!

Why are you doing this!? Have you gone mad!?

Must…avenge…her life…yes…NO!

Darling, what are you dong with that gun? No, please, this is bad!

You must die, I don’t care if I die with you, you killer freak!

Nooooo! I don’t wanna die, I don’t want you to die, stop this, please!

No more chances for you…click, click, click



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