Perfect Insanity

Painful thoughts wildly envelop my sad, crazed, broken mind

Every single word is all static, every single sight garbled and wrong

Rotting in isolation, my own shattered sanity I couldn’t even find

Freaky shadows and grotesque monsters have been lurking for oh-so long

Every corner, every part of my mind, are haunted, housed, destroyed by all those

Crazy, insane, psycho, just plain mad, I’ve been a long-time host

Those thoughts that are clouded, all faded, tend to break my mind the most

Inside my tortured soul, I’m screaming madly for some help, some salvation

No one seems to hear though, no one seems to even care

Save my life, save my mind, stop me from unraveling my faraway creations

All I ever asked for was some rest, but I guess life’s just not simply fair

Neverending toxic emotions and feelings flood my entire polluted life

It leaves me all torn up, fills my heart with infinite hurt and strife

Though no one can see me, I guess I’ll just have to be happy

Yes, because I’m living my life in perfect insanity.

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