Public Enemy Number One

Tease and jeer all you want, I’m completely used to it

As they laugh and make fun of me, all alone I sit

I do something right, and yet they choose to ignore

But one wrong move, and they notice, they give me horror

And fat load of good my family was, as well

‘Cause all they ever did was drag my life deeper into hell

My siblings sneer and mock me, my mother turned a blind eye and ran

As they stare into the face of me, public enemty number one


Bits of garbage in my hair, loads of rubbish at my feet

Why does it even matter, since I’m just also trash lying on the street

Insults and injuries for me, the words pass through my head

You’re stupid, you’re ugly, you’re better off dead

And at home, all they give me is useless loads of crap

Make new ways to punish me, to lead me into a trap

All I am is just a human prop, used by the people to have fun

A useless toy, a plaything, public enemy number one


For years I have tolerated it all, absorbed up all their lies

Like a sponge, simply soaking up all the hate that I despised

Days and weeks flew by, and all I ever did was tremble and cry

And never once did I ever leave or ever say goodbye

But now’s the breaking point, I simply couldn’t take it anymore

I can’t go on carrying this torturous ordeal, with this harrowing chore

And after I kill myself, I know they’ll miss me when I’m gone

They’ll miss toruring, picking on, having around a public enemy number one.

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