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Peaceful Space

I like Darkness;

His cool breath giving me a slight chill

Yet strangely giving off a spark of comfort

Making me forget about everything else, all the pain I once had

His hands covering my crying eyes

Shutting off this world of discord and chaos

So that I do not have to worry

And there is nothing but the brightly twinkling stars,

And the chirps of the crickets to guide me.


I am comforted by Silence;

Her soft tranquility cradling me slowly

The slight ringing in my ears,

My ever-beating heart,

And my soothing intake and outakes of breath,

Are all that I could hear.

And there is no screaming, crying, pain, nor confusion

To disturb Her neverending peace.


But what I really love

Is Darkness and Silence together

When They finally meet and pair up despite Their fates

With my eyes shut down

And my ears drowned out by that white noise

There is absolutely nothing to distract me

So no matter how loud the screams of the demons are

I wouldn’t be able to hear

And no matter how much destruction ensues around me

I wouldn’t even see.

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Empty Void

I resent Darkness;

His coldness enveloping me

Leaving my mind in a cold stupor

His tendrils suffocating my breathing

Smothering, cutting off, blocking the flow of oxygen

Blinding my consciousness completely

So that I could not see

And I’m left with nothing but the biting cold and loneliness

And my own numb hands to guide me.


I despise Silence;

Her emptiness breaking me

The endless ringing in my ear,

The quick pounding of my heart,

My own heavy breathing,

And the false insanities that fill up my mind

Are all that I could hear

And there are no words nor any other noises

To fill the empty nothingness.


But what I really abhor

Is when Drakness and Silence meet each other

When He meets Her, and together they play

Both my senses are suddenly lost

My eyes and ears are rendered absolutely useless

And no matter how loud you scream and cry

There is no one that will hear

And no matter how much you grope around blindly

Trying to look for someone

You never will.

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I love you…can’t you see?

I love you.

Don’t you know?

Can’t you see through all my stored-up rage and misery?

By the way that I shut myself out, wallowing in my own self-pity?

When I hurt you deep with my words as sharp as dagger

When I faked my way in and my lies just got fatter

By the way that I nitpick all your littlest mistakes

And by the way my eyes flash with fury and hate

I love you.

Can’t you see?

When I thought that the entire world was hopelessly blue?

And when I slowly started slipping away from you?

When I thought I was smarter and better than them

When I turned and rebelled against the system

All those times when my filthy pride got me in shame

Or those times I deliberately spat on our family name

I love you.

Are you listening to me?

Whenever I ignore the fact that you took care of me?

Or when my quick temper gets the better of my sanity?

The way that I walk, the way that I act

The way that I talk, the sense and empathy that I lack

Too rude to say sorry, to emotionless to even cry

Too prideful to be embarrassed, too arrogant to be polite


Can’t you hear me pounding on the glass?

Those words always tasted so bitter in my mouth

And whenever I hear it, I grimace, I frown, I pout

But now I scream and wail it so many times, ever so desperately

When all my senses returned, and my head was filled with clarity

I finally grew up, dispersed all my childish anger and hate

…But now…now, it’s too late.

I loved you…

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