Double Meanings

I slam my head on the cold hard wall

Hello there. I feel great, and so fine.

I trip myself on the high stairs and fall

I’m actually great, absolutely divine.

I draw pretty patterns on my skin with blades

What scars? Oh they’re nothing, just a little mishap.

I blurt out, I speak wrong, I make so many mistakes

Oh forget what I said, that was just a useless trap.

I smile when I can, and I laugh on their cues

That is hilarious, so funny, I’ve been laughing for so long.

But I try to hide all the hurt, I’m confused, a recluse

What do you mean? I’ve done nothing wrong.

It’s been going on for so long, they think it’s all real, but I beg to differ

…And you’ll never know that I am hiding an ugly monster.

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