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Songs of the Fallen

When all humans have gone, and not a soul lingers in sight

Two shady figures come out bold, their eyes twinkling of delight

One nods enthusiastically, the other grins widely like a fool

As they start to roam, hand in hand, the acres of the deserted school


Singing such ancient songs that reflect their emotions like a mirror

Their happiness, melancholy, and every essence of their anger

Songs with stories, the chirps of the nocturnal insects intertwining with their laughter so high

They know they wouldn’t change the world by yelling at it, but they can sure damn well try


They sing to a reality that shunned them and banished them hurt

They sing to the condescending people that went out of their way and treated them like dirt

They sing, to tune out the sharp, cruel, lethal words they’ve always been told

They sing, because that’s all they have to offer against this world so cold


They sing, and their shackled hearts finally break free from its prison and and fly

They sing, and their void, tampered souls light up the entire night sky

They sing, and not a single thing matters anymore in the veering infinite universe

As those two twisted figures dance, laugh and joyfully shout out each verse


Because their ignored noises and that seemingly-silly routine are what makes it worth it

After existing in yet another dreary day that they want to instantly forget

And as their chariots came, and the last rays of the smiling sun disappears

The two figures slip out, only left with ghost smiles and tunes still bounding in their ears


But there came a horrid time when one suddenly had to leave the place

Unforeseen circumstances, it left both their minds in such a haze

And the very last thing that kept their days worth all the torturous pain

Had been mercilessly ripped off their hands, flickered off like a candle in the rain


And when the fateful last day came, both figures stood staring emptily at the evanescing horizon

Singing, but this time more mournfully, the penultimate verses of their written requiems

Then they said their goodbyes as if everything was simply back to normal again

Even though both thoughts wailed, pleaded, screamed that this will never be bound to happen


Now she walks one crumbled path, and he walks the dusty other

Two lives disconnected, parallel worlds untouched, two completely different matter

Will they be bound to meet again, only the sluggish ticking time can tell

But for now, the joyous songs have ceased, and left an open ending to the bittersweet tale


But if one listens closely, and to the parting chromatic sunset they run

Over there, at the end of the boundary line, in the coalescing light of the setting sun

One’ll hear, maybe, just maybe hear a faint sound that from Time has been stolen

A small shadow, an imprint, a faint echo of the last songs of the Fallen.

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From Your Clandestine Lover

To my dearest girl…

I love you so, but you don’t know

It seems so sudden, but I don’t at all lie

As soon as I climbed up and peered up your window

My heart instantly pounded, I found true love, I couldn’t deny

I love the little quirks that you make

Like that cute waver of your hands, and that dainty smile within

It fascinates and enthralls me, I’d liken your appearance to cake

Because of the sweet smell of your hair and the softness of your skin

I love the way you seem to dance as you glide across the room

I love the way your pretty bare back looks like a pink flower in bloom

I love the way you fix your hair, and all the dresses you choose to wear

I love the way your red lips pout, and the way your sparkling green eyes stare

I love you greatly, and all the smallest things that you do

And I admit, it wasn’t really by accident that I often bump into you

It’s destiny, honey, but why do refuse the truth?

Why do you always choose to avoid me, like I’m the big bad wolf?

I love you so much, why do you want to run away?

Is it because I snake around the shadows and follow you everyday?

Darling, please don’t go, was I too clingy with you?

Please just come closer, and I promise, our love will shine through

I love you dear, I won’t do anything to hurt you at all

Please stop screaming, I just want to talk, stop struggling, or else you’ll fall

I love you, but I know I just couldn’t keep you, dear

Because you live a normal life, while I live in constant fear

You don’t have voices in your head, demons that nag you how to act

You don’t always feel the need to observe and follow humans, that’s a fact

And I’d change for you, love, I’d really desperately try

But this stupid little habit of mine just never seems to break

I’d do anything to get rid of it, but it will continue hounding me till I die

So please hear me out, I apologize, I’m so sorry for my mistakes

I love you till the end of time, always remember, especially when they throw me in jail too

But, for now…I’ll let you go, because I know that it’s best for both me and you

But I’ll always keep around some pieces of your blonde hair

And I’ll always cherish those moments as you prepared for sleep that we shared

I’ll always love you honey, but who’ll love a person like me, right?

I know you’ll never read this, but I conclude my letter, have a good night.

Take care always, love, your most faithful stalker.

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The Diary of a Schizophrenic in an Asylum

(An attempt to see the world in the eyes of a schizophrenic. I greatly apologize for this mess of a poem I made.)


I am awake now.

My mind is in a constant state of disarray.



Torn to pieces.

Like pieces of paper in the wind.

I find no other purpose to exist in this world

Besides the Devil and His whims.

Why am I bothering to even write this down?

It won’t even matter at all.

My life is just invalid

My existence is a sham

I was just a terrible accident.

I don’t want to live.

I wasn’t meant to live at all.

But maybe I was?

Did Lucifer just want me to suffer

In this horrible, horrible world?

A mad man, that Morningstar was

Mad, mad, madder than me

But surprisingly a brilliant chap as well

Sent me to this place, yes He did.

Smart man. Smart move.

Where am I?

Am I dreaming? Am I dead already?

Carked it? Rotting off?

Infested with maggots at this very moment?

Where is this place anyways?

It can’t possibly be Hell.

It’s too white. Too clean.

Too clean for an impure man like me.

It needs more red. More black.

More inferno. More darkness.


Pure doesn’t exist in this filthy world.

It’s making my eyes hurt.

My eyes are hurting too much.

Blood. I see blood.

It’s bleeding off the damn walls.

Who’s to clean that up now?

Not I. I have enough blood on my hands.

No. It’s gone now.

It’s been replaced with black butterflies now.

They’re fluttering off into the window.

Goodbye, butterfly.

Who sent you to me?

It’s Asmodeus again, is it?

Oh, he’s the devil, He is.

That blighter is messing with my eyes again.

Or was it the man in white again?

He calls himself a “doctor”.

He says he could “help me recover”.

Ha! Such foreign, made-up words

Diving at the tip of his tongue.

What a sneaky, nosy, pesky pathetic liar.

Asking me questions like I couldn’t see

His true form at all.

He’s a messenger of the angels.

An advocate of the enemy.

He’s always trying to confuse me

With his sharp, sharp tongue

And his metal instruments of torture.

Ha. But he’ll never get me.

Constant vigilance.

He never will.

Who’s that I spot in a corner?

Oh no. It’s her again.

The faerie woman clad in black.

She’s back. No.

She’s the worst deceiver of them all.

I thought I killed her off.

The knife I used is still lodged in her back.

Pus and blood spurting off the wound.

She’s smiling at me with her razor teeth.

And stared with her empty eye sockets.

I feel utter shock.


Then madness.

The woman ripping at the seams

Exploding on my head

Tearing through my mind

Like the starved animal it is.

Faerie, faerie,

Why are you so cold-hearted and cruel?

Don’t hurt me.

I’m just a victim taken by the people in white.

The evil bastard angels.


Not again.


Too much discord.

They saw her.

They’re acting up again.

They’re rioting

And shouting

And begging for mercy

The voices in my head are.

Pounding through the walls of my skull

Rather hungrily

Such inconsiderate people

Their endless noise-making

Is giving me a headache

Something terrible.

I want to make them stop already.

I want to make the woman leave.

What should I do?

What could I do?


It’s inevitable.

I can’t do anything at all.

My hands are bound

My soul is shattered clean

My mind is unraveled

Like a fragile spider thread in a spool

Used as a noose.

The faerie woman smiles at me again.

Teeth flashing like fireflies, flash, flash

She whispers delicately “Nunc abire”

And with her bony hands covers my eyes.

I’m done for. Goodbye.

And so I scream and wail

Like a wounded animal in great pain

Though there is no one to hear me fall

And so I cry, like an oncoming storm

Until she envelops me and I can cry no more.






I am awake now.

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Battle Scars

(A mother’s day poem.)

A soldier earns his wounds and scars at war

And a warrior with battles, and fighting from afar

But yours, oh dear, has been greatly unique

Not a single conflict nor bloodshed can ever compare to it

‘Tis not of battles, ’tis not of wars

But because of your love, shining like the brightest star


Those permanent lines etched on your body like maps

Clearly it has not been easy for you, not in a snap

But those seemingly-ugly remnants shows how much you cared without distraught

Because if you are without those scars, then we are also naught

Without all those lines and all those pains, what would we be then?

An empty wish, a random thought brushed away, a dream never to happen


The seas will rise and the blazing sun will set

With your love that even the brightest Seraphs covet

The plants shall grow tall and the old trees wither

And you’ll always remain our ever-faithful teacher

The years will pass and the endless days shall go

But those battle scars that show your sacrifices shall always shine proudly on your torso.

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Are You Happy Now?

You prowl and meet her “by accident”

On a very busy street

You tripped, gave her bags a dent

And ask for forgiveness from a treat


You force a thin smile

And laugh along

You two walk for a mile

And sing her songs


Your razor-sharp words

You try to hide

Dive into her own little world

And rip her apart inside


Painful, disgraceful

Shameful little prat

You took her for a fool

You took her a brat


You lie through your teeth

And bite your tongue

Performed endless feats

Of songs unsung


Fanned the blazing fires

Added fuel to the flames

Fed her great desire

Without any shame


You showed your true colors at last

And feasted like a hungry sinner

You broke her and broke your fast

And emerged the victorious winner


Now she cries and you look down

Monster, are you proud of your work?

You walk away, she screams and frowns

Disgusted, pathetic, so much hurt


Foul creature, do you feel great?

Happy? Satisfied? What do you feel?

Of course you feel nothing, and she feels self-hate

Because to you, she was just another meal.

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