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Daddy’s Little Girl

“Make daddy proud, honey.”

You once remarked to me

As you bounced me upon your strong knee

And I laughed and squealed with utmost glee


“Yes daddy deaw, I make you pwoud of me, pwomise!”

I replied, a toothless grin, r’s left unpronounced

A silly promise, a random bright day

But little did I know that those words will always stay


And your little butterfly did grow up soon

But on the way, something went wrong

Her metamorphosis distorted her inside her cocoon

And she came out with a different song


Dark on the outside, dark in her thoughts

She thought herself ugly, she thought herself a moth

Gave in to bad influence, destroyed her wings

Bled herself dry and now hardly sings


“Make daddy proud”

And I know you were crestfallen

To see your little princess turn around

And grow up to be this horrible person


And you were there daddy, you watched me turn

You watched me hurt, you watched me burn

And Heaven knows how you tried to help, father

But I thought you were just being a bother


You know your little girl was gone

It’s faded away, all the brightness of her sun

What’s even worse is that when you tried to give her light

All she did was shun you, ignore you with all her might


And I know that even though you acted so strong

It slowly killed your heart and soul inside

The failure of a girl with a life so wrong

And you couldn’t help her, lest you tried


So, are you proud of me now, dad?

Or just plain disappointed?

Are you angry? Steamed? Very mad?

Or simply heavily discontented?


I’ve changed again now, and this time grew up right

And off it went, the fog that clouded my sight

I want to see you again, be able to go back to our happy date

But now I know that it’s…it’s too late


I’m very sorry daddy, I know I dashed your dreams

And you’re not the one to blame, it’s my fault that I’m like this

But even though I didn’t keep my promise, there’s always one thing that’s true

I love you so, so much dad, because you made me very proud of you.

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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Now I lay me down to sleep

My brain to rest, my heart to keep

My soul to transcend above the sky

My burdens to soar away and fly

My words to be forever sealed

Secrets, emotions, for me to yield


Now I lay me down to rest

And He shall carry out the rest

Clothe me in a dress as dark as coal

Render my face pale like the feathers of a foal

Let the various fluids course through my veins

Let the pretty flowers lace me like tender chains


Now I lay me down to eternal sleep

My friends shall grieve, my family weep

For I shall never return to earth

Instead, I’ll be buried underneath the dirt

And if I have sinned before I fell

I pray the Lord to keep me out of Hell.

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The Five Senses

Screaming, shouting, erupting from the room

Mouths never cease to talk, sharp tongues almost burn

People nagging people, stinging voices right and left

I wish that I couldn’t hear, I wish I was deaf


Fighting, discord, all around the place

Bedlam, chaos, never-ending hate

Humans murder humans, endless wars and battles you can find

I wish that I couldn’t see a thing, I wish I was blind


Filthy pollution emanating from the world

Stank decaying corruption from a politician’s words

Putrid garbage and decaying flesh constantly invading my nose

I wish that I couldn’t smell, I wish for an endless cold


The bitter taste of pain and metallic blood, never to leave my mouth

I try to wash it out with sweets, but it always sticks about

Disgusting promises, tasteless lies constantly crammed in my throat

I wish that I couldn’t taste, I wish my tongue was naught


The infinite hurt and torture, everyday I always endure and feel

I desperately shut it out, but I know that it’s what’s actually real

Splice my skin, shatter my soul, plant silky voices in my head

I really wish that I couldn’t feel, I wish I was better off dead.

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