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It’s Never Over

Despite all my rage
I am still just a rat in a cage
Then someone will say
What is lost can never be saved…



Crafty pickpockets and sickly grey puppets

Thieving rats scuttling around the broken set

Lose your depleted wallet, cause a huge racket, try to defend

Get beaten up, the curtain drops, but the show never really ends.



Writing sweet letters to his dearest Charlotte

Never once discovering that she was a closet harlot

And whispering false promises in desperation to another John

Burning useless money for the company of anyone.



Her child cries wild, his stomach screaming of hunger

As she struggles to balance on the bridge they live under

Cradling him, saying promises, singing a lullaby to soothe

Even though the stars had already gone out in her universe.



Germs of society, no one is safe from harm

A ground full of bloated worms, a parasitic farm

Bacteria masticating away at the resources like a rabid pig

Eating at the core of the world in their frenzy of greed.



Living in a crimson world dominated by guns

Where the criminals are free and the innocents run

And all a child could do is attach butterfly wings to a bullet

A last-minute innocence before they get murdered by it.


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Felix Felicis

Long yarns will eventually unravel

To weave a tale of beauty and marvel

Darkness isn’t full of monsters to fight

For without it we would not see the light

Loneliness is not a heavy burden

Gives us the chance to meet new companions

For every shade of black there is a white

But it’s not only monochrome, our sights

So open up the paintbox, grab your brush

And splash the canvas with colours so lush

They say you’re better off untainted, pure

But how could they ever be truly sure?

Perhaps if we learn to be jubilant

Maybe the world won’t be so discordant.

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Starry Eyed

She was always starry eyed

Bright blue eyes twinkling with utter delight

From afar, she was such a pretty sight

From her form to her pupils, she shone very bright

But like all the other visible stars in the sky

It was merely a trick..and she was already dead inside.

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And don’t let it go to waste
I love it but I hate the taste
Weight keeping me down…


The innocents roamed the earth

And tripped constantly onto the dirt

They fell through rotten temptations

And painful crippling afflictions

So they prayed for a cure in dedication

And in return received medication

Sharp injections prickling through

Pills and potions down the gullet

They drank without a clue

Of the medicine’s side effects

Their healthy skins turned sallow

Their face and cheekbones hollow

Dull eyes devoid of any soul

Hearts corroding darker than coal

More, more, more…

They pleaded mindlessly now

Their bodies collapsing with horror

Their minds numbed and rubbed raw

Surely, I gave them the proper cure”

The God didn’t know what went wrong

And his angels were so sure

Those were the right pills all along

But never did they count the dose

Never took it into consideration

Failing to see that from too much medication

The end of the line is dependence and addiction.


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Toothache Diatribes

Harmless at first

Caused by a thirst

For endless sweets

And sugarcoated treats

But suddenly

It turned out to be

A silent killing spree

Growing steadily

Throbbing intensely

Caused by a cavity

A minute stain

Causing massive pain

And silent enduring

And teeth noisily gnashing

Nothing can be done

Too late to take actions

The root of the problem

Is the only solution

To extract it, pull it out;

Eliminate the spread

One is better off without

Than to lose their entire head

And funny how I notice little details

But strangely, this is true

Whenever I have toothaches, it never fails

To remind me of you.

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Nice, little, innocent girl

Tilt your head, smile, and twirl

Skip a step, blow a kiss

Be the audience’s pretty little miss

This attention wouldn’t last so long

And even birds stop singing songs

So dance, little girl, dance your art

Before you trip on your feet and skin your heart.

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They said that mirrors show your identity

And your true soul sits on the other side

She heard this verse so many times already

As she stared dully at the reflective glass

Thinking “Either they are all a bunch of nasty liars

Or maybe I am just a vampire.”

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Thy Kingdom Come

I rule a desolate world, with no men nor mice

I sit brooding in a throne of fire and ice

Thorns and blood placed upon my head acting as a crown

Bestowed along with my power, a ghost-infested town

This was my doing, I tried to play the great game

But one wrong step caused everything to go up in flames

Once mighty and filled with valour, now they call me names

Like coward, the destroyer, and the avaricious one to blame

Now everything is naught, only bleached skeletons remain

The songs of the dead to haunt me and nagging voices retained

All there is are empty ruined houses and whispering winds

And a regretful lone king with no honour and broken wings.

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At first you strummed my slender heartstrings

And produced a mellifluous sound

Your hands worked delicately like angel wings

Producing harmonic symphonies all around

I wished for your graceful playing to never end

But time proved later not to be my friend

Time ran away from me, and all the running hurt my heart

And I thought that your amazing hands could heal

But I failed to see that from the very start

Your heartstrings were unclinging, damaged, but you never revealed

Somehow you changed, your music no longer sounds okay

And your hands got rougher and my heartstrings began to flay

But your music made me deaf to my own tortured cries

Your cold touch made me numb to the searing pain

So I begged tearfully even more for your playing to go by

Soon your heart slowly hardened, your soul filled with taint

You no longer tugged, but instead you pulled with your might

Impervious to the discord that arose from your fight

And when you can no longer take your shambolic symphony of torture

You grabbed a pair of scissors while I was stunned

And cut them off



One. . .

Turning my heart like yours.

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Wasting more time with Haikus

(So. Uninspired.)


Spiraling system

Clockwork imagination

Sometimes it freezes.


Feel the need to write

Brain does not cooperate

Laughing at my fight.


I’m a sinful man

The darkness is my mistress

Do I deserve sun?


Mopping out the gore

Along the white padded walls

This is horrorcore.


She bade them goodbye

As She destroyed the planet

Mother Earth is done.


Burst into colours

The falling leaves of autumn

Paint the dull weather.


Bound in chains, restart

My heart refuses to do

Now we’re worlds apart.


He broke his promise

Like scintillating mirrors

The shards wounded her.


The clock yelled at him

“Your deadline is nearly up”

As he went flatline.


She folded her faith

And tucked it in her pocket

Until she lost it.


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