And don’t let it go to waste
I love it but I hate the taste
Weight keeping me down…


The innocents roamed the earth

And tripped constantly onto the dirt

They fell through rotten temptations

And painful crippling afflictions

So they prayed for a cure in dedication

And in return received medication

Sharp injections prickling through

Pills and potions down the gullet

They drank without a clue

Of the medicine’s side effects

Their healthy skins turned sallow

Their face and cheekbones hollow

Dull eyes devoid of any soul

Hearts corroding darker than coal

More, more, more…

They pleaded mindlessly now

Their bodies collapsing with horror

Their minds numbed and rubbed raw

Surely, I gave them the proper cure”

The God didn’t know what went wrong

And his angels were so sure

Those were the right pills all along

But never did they count the dose

Never took it into consideration

Failing to see that from too much medication

The end of the line is dependence and addiction.


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