La Luna Amore (Moonstruck)

Hey moon, please forget to fall down

Hey moon, don’t you go down…


Won’t you meet me under the light of the full moon?

The twinkling, crying stars are dying to extinguish soon

The brazen sun is too harsh, it blazes too furiously

But the pale moonlight illuminates our souls, so bare your heart to me


Won’t you sit next to me on the fabled foreign sands?

Let’s watch the silver fluid diamonds endlessly crash

Scintillating, shimmering, between both sea and land

The ripples on the water like the way our life will clash


Won’t you go outside, where the cool wind blows?

And let’s have a tête a tête, trade secrets, quid pro quo

Whispering, laughing in hushed tones, all to ourselves

Sharing our hidden wishes and desires to the susurrus air


Won’t you go and reach out to outer space for me?

The lunar cycle is not on our side, unfortunately

The glinting moon will eventually stutter and change a different phase back

As my coruscating form gradually fades away, returning to black


Won’t you wait under the moon for me, my love?

We are destined to be together, though celestial bodies apart

The full moon and I shall shine radiant once again

But for now, you and I will just have to wait patiently, my darling…


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