A Pretty Girl’s Throes and her Burlesque Show

How does a heart love
If no one has noticed its presence
And where does it go?
Trembling hands play my heart like a drum
But the beat’s gotten lost in the show…


Pretty girl

Made of sugar and spice

Poison and love

Machiavellianism and lies


Pretty girl

Craving for even just a bit of attention

Your parents never cared much

Your breath just reeks of desperation


Pretty girl

With short skirts and tank tops

Showing too much bare skin

To hide the monster within


Pretty girl

Do you feel ever so tall?

In your sharp glossy stilettoes

Looking down at people?


Pretty girl

Stomping harder at others

Till you trip yourself over

Did your ego get hurt?


Pretty girl

Red lipstick for your face to kiss

And a blade dripping crimson

For your mutilated wrists


Pretty girl

Batting sparkles from your lashes

Flirting shamelessly with boys

After all, they are just your toys


Pretty girl

Pink marks on a piece of napkin

Telephone numbers scribbled in

Stinking of rancour, regret and sin


Pretty girl

All alone on the crumbling stage

Once, they treated you as gorgeous

But now you’re just another freak in a cage


Pretty girl

A wilted rose between your teeth

Blood blotted on your battered lips

But in your heart the thorns stuck deep


Pretty girl

Just how much did your pipe dreams cost?

And just how much of your life was lost?

In the end, when all the bitter beer is gone

And the boys and girls had their endless fun

When the lights flicker out and the music stops

When your bubblegum world finally pops

When you finally see yourself alone, standing in a pile of shit

Ask yourself: Was it worth it? Was it worth it?



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