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Sightless Eyes

Speckled fog arising on sunset dunes

Heavy hearts arose by cloudy tunes

Windows give way to the roseate shade

As velvet colours flicker and fade

Arcs of lambent souls at the hem

Bouncing off my sobriquet diadem

Sightless eyes, I stood in the middle

Never seeing much but always feeling emotions triple.

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Brick Walls (And) Beyond

Dislodging letters


Crumbling words

All fall down the drain

Tumbled thoughts


Frozen tongues

Washed away by rain

Sounds of midnight clear till heart


Muffled whispers no one parts

One last memory in the dead of the night

As silence fights for silver tones


Takes the world asight.

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Maelstrom Undeniable


The storm it stood, vortex eyes peering

Madness swirling, ever leering

Buildings, hope, torn to minute shreds

Merciless, vengeful, death lies ahead


Cries huddled under dislodging houses

Cowering, simpering, begging endless

Days of golden threads naught stand

Fragile unbroken cords of hands


Screaming tempest bore resemblance

Agony whispered from a distance

Crimson smeared on shearing zephyr

Marks left by calamities last forever.

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Us Clever Fools

Listening, are you stupid or what?
Just using words
No simpleminded person would know…


“What say you not, my dear?”

You ask precariously, yet somewhat jauntily

From your gilded tongue, cunningly cavalier

Using sugarcoated words, sliding smoothly like honey

I should have noticed that slight slither

Like a snake about to devour its prey, a ruthless predator

But I was broken apart, and apparently deaf

Wishing for any and all company that I never met

And so I talked.


“What say you not, you idiot?”

Falling to my knees, I ask myself one more time

Equanimity forgotten, heart in a hard clot

Spitting words cathartically, trying to purge the poison in mine

You should not have noticed my vulnerability

You should have walked away, leaving me a piece more whole

But you are edacious, stopping at nothing to have fun at trickery

Preying at us hopeless, rotten, pathetic, affinitic fools

Now I’m at a loss for words.

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Apocalypse Rising

“I was the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.” ~Castiel


The hellhounds, they finally caught up with me

And dragged me into the deepest layers of hell

I suffered for what felt like twice an eternity

There was no foreseeable escape, that much I could tell


Until I suddenly awoke with a jolt, under the earth

Asleep in my own grave, six feet under the dirt

An angry red mark on my shoulder, a handprint, sign of reborn

Left by the dark angel that pulled me into salvation


Now whispered secrets lie ahead, betrayal and alliance

The wind is blowing up a tempest, shed blood and defiance

Tenebris starts to seep in the planet, as war hangs a heavy cloud

Creatures and tricksters run amok, leaving a hopeless trail in their shroud


The dark angel has spoken, his uttered words like painful static

All demons lie with burning eyes, helpless and pathetic

I’ve got another ally now, but now I’m not sure I could still trust

Because my very own brother’s burying earth-shattering secrets under the dust.


(Based on Supernatural S04E01.)

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After All This Time?

“It may have escaped your notice but life isn’t fair.”


Grossly misunderstood, you were

The children were utterly frightened

Of your sight they get very scared

Avoided you like to it their lives depend

A warm beating soul in the interior

Masked by a shell of cantankerous demeanour

Surely though, you had sound reason

To be who you are now and why

Like all good heroes and men

But would they even listen?

Damaged, is what you have been

But not all goods come back unharmed and clean

And despite the rotten arduous fight

You still managed to set our wands alight

Turning hearts 394, your legacy left is radical

Even when you’ve said your goodbyes and parted ways

Will our lives still be magical?


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Chest Cavity

The utter sweetness of your pounding heart

Became too overwhelming because you left it untouched

So overwhelming, in fact, that it grew into bacteria

And slowly ate everything away, gnawing it apart

Now they’ve finished their work, and all that’s left

Is a gaping cavity in your dull murmuring chest

A dark, hollow hole that’s filled with empty

Of where all your love and compassion once used to be.

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Magnifying Glass

It may be highly useful, detective

For when you solve crimes for your own personal art

But just how much would it help in your observation

In solving a human’s heart?

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Bel Canto

My languid heart wishes for a bit of peace

For it is swollen cold on a cruel winter’s eve

And it would already have reached its final coda

If not for your saving grace, my dearest belladonna


With your sinuous voice resounding ever so clear

That twinkling aureate tune flowing through my ears

Bedizened with emotions, it makes my sadness and gloom decay

My indolence forgotten and the piercing frozen spikes melted away


With you I feel like I’m standing on a spring day under the shade

The harshness of the snowscape seems gradually to fade

So may I just say to you: Grazie, mia belladona

Per le vostre canzoni che sempre mi danno speranza.

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Astrological Musings

Not many are fully aware, but the known universe is mostly composed of dark matter and antimatter.


It is said that they make up about 95% of everything that occupies the vacuum of space.


And yet somehow, curiously, we humans always manage to pinpoint and view the 5% of it.


The 5% filled with endless arrays of astral bodies to observe,


The 5% blazing with light and utter radiance,


The 5% that opens up new possibilities and hope.


Because to us, it doesn’t matter how seemingly scant the light is,


So long as it’s still there.


And to us, the darkness is nothing else but another component


That makes the stars shine brighter


So that we could see them even better.

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