Apocalypse Rising

“I was the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.” ~Castiel


The hellhounds, they finally caught up with me

And dragged me into the deepest layers of hell

I suffered for what felt like twice an eternity

There was no foreseeable escape, that much I could tell


Until I suddenly awoke with a jolt, under the earth

Asleep in my own grave, six feet under the dirt

An angry red mark on my shoulder, a handprint, sign of reborn

Left by the dark angel that pulled me into salvation


Now whispered secrets lie ahead, betrayal and alliance

The wind is blowing up a tempest, shed blood and defiance

Tenebris starts to seep in the planet, as war hangs a heavy cloud

Creatures and tricksters run amok, leaving a hopeless trail in their shroud


The dark angel has spoken, his uttered words like painful static

All demons lie with burning eyes, helpless and pathetic

I’ve got another ally now, but now I’m not sure I could still trust

Because my very own brother’s burying earth-shattering secrets under the dust.


(Based on Supernatural S04E01.)

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