Morbid Phantasms

I don’t know, if I care
I’m the jerk, life’s not fair
Fighting all the time, this is out of line
She loves me not, loves me not…



I despise it when Death lurks among my home

And along with him, Grief comes enveloping along

Familial death was never really my niche

But now, sobbing, bleeding, hurting, it is my only wish.



Now I lay you down to sleep

Your nightmares along with you to keep

May they be your companions, forever to tell

As you traverse your empty dirt path on the highway to hell.



I enjoy it when you love me, mommy

When you pull my hair hard and bruise my skin with attacks

I love the way you spit in my face “I hate you, mommy

And someday I promise will love you back.



Drops of salty tears trickle down from my sallow face

And yet still you can’t see the creation you made is a snivelling disgrace

Puddles of emotion and pain, on the floor, blood, tears, sweat, and all

And I could only keep on crying and hope that you’d slip on them and fall.



It was never the same when you lashed out at me

Humiliated me, stripped my ego bare naked for all to see

And when I finally snapped, and decided to play my own game

To turn my screams against you…this household was never the same.



“Why don’t you just die?”

You yelled in my face as you rudely shut the door goodbye

Dirty little hypocrite, why do you even cry?

Now that I’m the one whispering in your ear, wishing for your demise?



Darkness hugs me tighter until I nearly suffocate

The biting chills of the sneering wind further freeze my hate

My only solution is to let this little spark in my blue hands run amok

And let the whole world burn down, let everyone crumble down and rise with the smoke.



Janus-faced demon, manipulating gullible fools in your fear

You bust out your halo and wings when your guardian angel is near

Child devil playing innocence, brainwashing her until she doubles over and keels

And sinless, deluded guardian angel doesn’t know she’s protecting pure evil.


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