Rock Climbing

You got me gasping for air
Tryna hold onto your memory
It should be easier to breathe
You knock me off my feet
I won’t forget it, c’mon you don’t regret it…


I grapple for a memory of you, hoping to understand

Trying to find a foothold in your heart ever so stiff

But it’s quite hard to let go of your blue-blooded hands

When I’m hanging off a steep bottomless cliff


The sharp rocks mercilessly slice my chafing skin open

The screeching wind careens me, laughing and mocking in glee

Yet I still struggle to complete my descent to your soul then

Despite all the searing pain and arduous misery


But if I fail the climb, still, maybe it won’t be so bad after

When I fall and get swallowed by the rampaging dark waters

And as soon as my consciousness slowly takes its leave

It should be a little easier for both you and me to breathe.


…You’re impossible to please
I don’t wanna go but I know
You should be easier to leave…


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