Cosmic Aches

A heavy heart on the boulevard tonight…
Shooting stars watch me fall apart tonight…



Keep on fighting hard, little yellow star

The haunt of the darkness ain’t all there is to fear

The journey is slow, Earth’s atmosphere is still far

But ahead of you, you still have a million light years.



An unkindness of the night, you seek your home

Your eyes are devoid and your pallid heart is torn

But seek not the angry shadows that shall bother you so

But instead set your soul’s compass on the oncoming morn.



The Aurora is up there, welcoming and beckoning

Whilst my sore feet are still stuck on this dusty dirt road

But maybe if I reach on further and just keep on jumping

Gravity will get tired of me and finally let me go.



There’s an indescribable method to your madness

If you seek the maelstrom black holes of the oncoming blue

But if you manage to swim out of the dimension of sadness

There’s an entire chromatic universe out there, patiently waiting for you.



Little yellow star, scintillating bright on through

Past the arid fog, dimming clouds, and the hazy smoke

Lonesome in the midnight heaven, winking back true

Allowing me to still perceive that shiny bit of hope.


…I’ve got my heavy heart to hold me down
Once it falls apart, my head’s in the clouds
So I’m taking every chance I got
Like the man I know I’m not…

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