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Danser Sous La Pluie

Another lonely superstar to get away inside your car, take it much too far
Surrender to the brave inside, a lover that another tried; take it too, my ride…


Your mourning black umbrella lost

In the fluttering harsh dips of wind

But does it even matter, what it cost

If it’s traded for content serenity within


Heartbeats lead and gracefully march

Down the lone ghostly ice cream stand

Chilled sweet vanilla, perfect to match

This soft weather’s cool azure demand


Blotting back at winking constellations

Just bursting with endless fascinations

So won’t you stretch your pallid hand to me

And we’ll walk down the path of infinity


The rain’s simple comforting melody

And your limerent love hallucinations

The sun’s hot rays will not take us today

Another cause for a rowdy celebration


Thunder will roar, the sky spilled with grey

But the colourful joyous music is here to stay

So hear me out today, on this drizzling Sunday

And take me out dancing, come what May.


You don’t have to keep it if it’s mine
Another place maybe another time…
A May December might not be so smart

Arrivals that we wish would not depart…

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Ponderings and Preludes III



My cheeks are pink-flushed

Madly you make me blush

My pulse races horribly fast

But you make my heart stop.



Dragons and cackling witches

In a magical playing field

The poor damsel in the story

But the golden sword she wields.



Living might be my wed wife

But Death, she’s my mistress

For when I finally tire of Life

Death’ll relieve me of all its stress.



You used to be like cold milk

Simply sweet and pure white silk

But they left you out too long then

And now you’re spoiled rotten.



I glimmer with sheer iridescence

Floating softly without defence

But alas, this quaint beauty is fragile

Once I pop, gone forever is my smile.


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Foolish Stars

We’re both fools, you and I

Simply looking for some light

Darkness brewing in our cores

But we didn’t want no more


We’re both fools, you and I

Whose dead stars had to collide

Thought each other was the answer

To feed away at our leeching cancer


We’re both fools, you and I

By the dark we were rendered blind

Thinking the pain could cancel out each other

But all it ever did was make it grow stronger


We’re both fools, you and I

But the damage had been done too much

Now we’re a massive black hole, not a force to defy

Sucking out all the light from everything we touch.

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At first, the back of my head throbs

Just a small pulsating angry vein

Threatening madly to simply burst off

And give me an intense bad migraine


Blood rushes deafeningly in my ears

Heartbeat pounding in my mouth

My paper skin is threatening to tear

Body temperature boiling high south


Grating shrills, pervading cold voice

Screams enveloping my every whim

Bones cracking in such a horrific noise

Veiny eyes bleed black liquid within


Now I’m no longer just a human being

But a grotesque creature transformed

A shapeshifter with no warm feeling

Lusting for horror, gore, and raw storms


He’s begging for a chance to be alive

But I plead murder in the first degree

And when the monster in me is satisfied

Maybe I’ll let you die a little quicker for mercy.

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Dépendance Noiré

Yeah, you don’t know my mind
You don’t know my kind
Dark necessities are part of my design
Tell the world that I’m falling from the sky…


I sign the papers to my own death knell

As I gladly submit to your anathemic spell

A personal, selfish, rotten, sick addiction

Adding another rusty nail to my crucifixion

The darkest of my clandestine necessities

Lighting me up inside like wild incendiaries

Got me so high until I refuse thusly to stop

So make me fly again and fill up my cup

Swirling with the sweetest soul’s spirits

Add another toxic scarlet potion and stir it

Perfume scents, the most dizzying kind

Further deepen the haze that is my mind

Soliloquies and bullets spill from my mouth

Confessions told, kneeling in a roundabout

Vices, virtues, now they all look the same

Salvation, sinning, so remember my name

I know the bad side effects, consequences

I have knowledge of this wrongful mess

But at this point I’m lost, gone too far under

To even stop to care about it now and wonder.


Do you want this love of mine
The darkness helps to sort the shine
Do you want it, do you want it now?…

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Childish Playthings

You never seem to learn, do you, careless child?

Suffice it to say that you’ve been thoroughly wild

You’ve dashed around madly while running your mouth

Starting such false rumours and making everyone shout


You love to hurt with words, and this twisted game you played

To stab a knife down everyone’s bleeding shoulder blades

Black and white, you love to play this human-sized game of chess

And in the end, knock the hapless pawns over in a state of mess


You cheat, you lie, you double-cross, you easily create prevarications

A serpent’s forked tongue dripping venomous equivocations

Madness master, wicked witch, the power of vicious spells you can conjure

With a simple jinx and a single word, you manage to instantly injure


Taunt and dangle strings of what should never be behind our backs

Dancing with fire, a born arsonist and an egotistic pyromaniac

You love to see innocent people go up in bitter grey smoke

Stealing what little we love have because you yourself lost all hope


You’ll never be able to learn, will you, charlatan child?

You’ll still manipulate and hate, leaving us victims defiled

But someday you’ll make a mistake, and end up stabbing yourself in the back

And maybe, just maybe, if you ever recover child, you’ll finally grow up.

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A siren’s sweetest call

With a deathly allure

Come now darling, fall

Into the river Styx’s azure

Closer into lovely music

Don’t you be worried sick

I am here to guide you, love

And inner peace you will have

Dearest, please be docile

And show me that smile

As I drag you further down

But now don’t you dare frown

Into the deepest of the abyss

Strange creatures darting amiss

Into my warmer embrace

Against the cold currents’ raze

But once we break the dark

Where no light shall ever spark

The return path is no more

And we’ll stay here forevermore

Nothing too big will be lost

But your red heartbeat’s cost

And your soul’s soft serenity

So darling, come sin with me.

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Fragile Disillusions



I can change, play god, and break the golden silence

But even I myself cannot shatter it all off completely

I can still choose to climb out of this chaotic dissidence

But the leftover shards scattered will still wound me badly.



Stained glass art displayed grandiosely on old church windows

Oh how colourful, in the soft butter sunlight they glint

I also clasp my hands and pray for someone to paint me so

To fill my transparent boring soul with artistic hues and stints.



Mirror, cracked mirror, on the dirty peeling wall

Why must you show us what we lust, view such superficial calls?

Cold pensieve who serves as our persistent lying companions

Glory be to our bloated egos that you help into false ascension.



Rippling, the spring water lazily flows and relaxes in the calm

Slipping, the tears angrily splatter against her restless palms

A broken child in the midst of the perfect forest garden

Wishing that osmosis would allow the beauty to pass to her skin.



Glassy eyed plastic doll with a painted red smile and the blondest of tress

Elegantly poised with delicate stitches on a stunning pink dress

Little pretty blonde doll, how much longer can you bear the lies

Do those cold blue glass eyes already want to break down and cry?


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Effigy, Eternity, Eulogy

Hope you got your things together
Hope you are quite prepared to die
Looks like we’re in for nasty weather
One eye is taken for an eye…


Upon the empty sky, the bad moon has languidly risen

As the endless crying of scarlet raindrops fall and enliven

Buried in a wooden chest, those cold withered lies

Set for the tenebrific night of the ultimate sacrifice


Lonely grey tombstone in the dead shriveled garden

And the blackest funeral flowers by its feet further sadden

Massive pentagram crudely drawn in brightest of red

For the allure of the darkness, the man wished to wed


He turned upon and left his faltering humanity behind

For the tiniest sliver of false chances to know the feeling of alive

Tragically though, he had also lost his sound of mind

As into the choking abyss he eagerly plunged and dived


Exorio; and she materialises, the sombre spirit of solitude

She stares sadly as she passes through his selfish prime

Stopping his heart, possessing his twitching agitated soul

As the rite of passage slows down the impatient tick of time


And he thunders loudly in sheer agony and tortuous pain

As the crack of the lighting signals the oncoming bout of rain

The gloomy spirit has evanesced, taken what’s hers—and more

And excavated the very chasm of his deepest fears and core


Upon the clearing sky, the bad moon has quickly disappeared

And crimson drops of fettered ruby are no longer feared

All that’s left is a casualty abandoned in the unnoticed anarchy

Rest in peace; here lies a once-good man now possessed by sanity.


Don’t go around tonight
Well it’s bound to take your life
There’s a bad moon on the rise…

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The Cabinet of Broken Curiosities

Dangling pink pointé ballet shoes faked

Worn out by the cold shadows unseen

Pirouetting high in the dusty swan lake

Of just another lost dancer’s dream


Quills, nibs and broken dried pens found

Dripping a puddle of grotesque black ink

Onto the pages of a great book never bound

From a mind that winded but never thinked


Unplucked, rusted, old, stiff guitar strings

Strummed by the zephyr’s soft bearings

Absorbed in the silent symphony, mourn

Of just another musician’s unsung woes forlorn


Lush paintbrushes and chromatic sessions

Never to touch a canvas forever or today

Strange abstractions and love illusions

Unpainted and tainted in darkest of grey


An old curious cabinet sits unnoticed in the corner

Containing memories and emotions made for never

Of just another aspiring artist’s once hopeful ambitions

Til they were told to grow up and lost their colourful visions.

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