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Unravelling Lullaby

She paints in grey, she closes her eyes
Till fireworks and palm trees almost look alike
She looks up to me and whispers
“I won’t be here in a year…”


The twist of fate unravels, stitches of a life once so twizzled

As two souls were dancing against the beating rain and drizzle

Onto the soft night’s calm, phantom piano playing Debussy

Lively bright tunes mingling with darker whispers of secrecy


Isabelle twirls playfully and fiddles with her flowered hair

Laughing politely at first and asking for stories and silly dares

But vulnerable here in the open fields, she dares not anymore to lie

And starts sobbing harshly against the tinkling music box lullaby


The shadows held her closer, the stars wept silver stardust

Sprinkling glitters everywhere, beautiful tears of care and trust

Vespertine symphony plays, and their shattered hearts were mended

And the barbed wires that choked their bruised necks were also slowly unraveled.


…Isabelle hides so I could find my way
I’d give anything just to surround your dreams…

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Va Te Faire

Endless causeless concessions and contrivances

Coming from such a bloodsucking little pest

Tearing down my already-crumbling defence

And annoying me with your mere existence


Toying constantly with my fucked-up emotions

While simply thinking “Hey, it’s all in good fun”

Ignorant fool with such an innocent notion

Don’t you see you are already breaking someone?


I, for my part, always learned to hold my tongue

Before I snap and do some irreversible harm

Sociopathic manipulator filled with poisonous spite

Just because you can’t feel human love, it doesn’t give you the right.

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Hard heart of pure gold

Silver soul of shimmering steel

You are hailstorm, algid cold

But warm you make me feel

Making me abruptly hitch

My breath, my sides in stitch

You deny my flat lungs, then

Of their love of sweet oxygen

Cover my open gaping mouth

So I wouldn’t be able to shout

Screams and pain unheard

Till my swollen heart bursts

Worm inside my sanity and head

Make me mad and kill me dead

I love that you’re the best regret

That chagrined me has ever met.

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Ailes D’anges

Lost in the sweet haze

Of this emotional gaze

The night is so young

So let’s look for the sun

Shooting stars spark aloft

Won’t you hold them off?

Come now, the sky ain’t that far

We just might catch up to the stars

Start running off and away

‘Cause gravity won’t take us today

Take the risk, dive into the cliff

We might just sprout our angel wings.

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Conscientious Hauntings

I’m a rose that’s been raised by wolves
My thorns are getting stuck in everything I know
It’s so hard when you would bleed for the truth you know
But we don’t want the truth, we just want control…


Trailing will-o’-the-wisps recede from the corner of my eye

Playful phantoms taunt me happily as they float freely on by

Poltergeists scream and rattle as they make an awful lot of noise

Wraiths whisper omens in my ear, such a sickly hollow dry voice


Apparitions and spectres flash quickly by the foot of my bed

Shadows slithering out of my closet and into my head

Spirits with sharp wits leaving riddles and soft declarations

Fuzzy figures, orbs of light, that all seem like a bad hallucination


I live in a reality where I meet translucent ghosts at every turn

In a graveyard of regrets and dreams, the fallen ambitions of scorn

But the spirits that haunt me and my soul were never such a burden

For these companions remind me of my past mistakes, so I’ll never forget not to do it again.


…But now I see and I believe
That the ghosts that haunt me
Have been outhaunted…

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After-Hours Run: A Villanelle

More bitter drops of whiskey on his tongue

Sad empty wineglass melting slowly in his hand

A grotesque aftermath of an after-hours run


Indulged in bubby champagne and endless fun

Drinking till his vision impairs, he can no longer understand

More bitter drops of whiskey on his tongue


Vodka, beer, cocktails, passed by his gullet, long gone

Sensibility lost and body on constant demand

A grotesque aftermath of an after-hours run


Lusting of women and crooning songs unsung

Hazy temptations and dry mouth filled with sand

More bitter drops of whiskey on his tongue


Imbalanced foolish decisions and cold sweat clung

Vertigo throwing his face down into the hard land

A grotesque aftermath of an after-hours run


And the blinding sun rises, his bloodshot eyes it stung

Hungover in an alleyway, nicked off his wallet and prideful stand

More bitter drops of whiskey on his tongue

A grotesque aftermath of an after-hours run.

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Playful Puddles

Soft raindrops delicately fall

Into your porcelain-white doe eyes

Not salty tears of dark gloom at all

But of pure jubilance and sheer remise

Now all I see are sky blue puddles

In your twinkling bright pair of pupils

And fragile colourful rainbows filled

Mirages flashing, peaceful, distilled.

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You fly away

Like paper planes

You are good luck

Like paper cranes


You are friendly

Like paper men linked

Created intricately

Like paper snowflakes


You were always a funtime past

Like pretty bright paper crafts

But in a couple of snips and snaps

And your own beauty tore you up.

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On my soul, its destructive havoc is wreaking

Putting my heart through pillars of hellfire

Why does the sordid pain feel so amazing

And sheer part of emptiness my only desire?

Living deadlocked in a poisonous addiction

Sanity no longer under my personal jurisdiction

The anathemic power of human emotions

Making me lust for the acidic taste of perdition.

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Flying High

Your high-flung attitude is severely ambitious

You love causing such a scuffle and a mental fuss

But in the end, you’re simply foolishly capricious

And you let me down more than gravity does.

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