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Skies of Grey

Rainy ends flurried from the north wind, the horizon’s soft sunny veneer has disappeared

Viridian planet cries for a slow demise, but for its dark calm and rest, I have wished to sleep

My cosmonautic mind explores the abridged rainbows and golden treasure yonder deep

Skies of grey to no cause today, charcoal skies to keep; cotton clouds I ask, why do you weep?

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The taut feeling of endless jubilance

Peach skies and clouds dashed lovely

Lighthearted touch with a dainty dance

As the new borne day awaits patiently


The playful tastes of puffed cinnamon

And mellow lip sticky of New York honey

Dripping saccharine onto my tongue

Scarlet cherry pies all sweet and sunny


The sounds of lilting and lifting hearts

And hear a tinkling music box melody

Quaint interludes, the coda’s piano part

Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and Debussy


The beautiful smell of scented souls

Like jasmine, gardenia, and rosemary

Pink perfume playing its perfect role

Soft petals showering ever so flowery


The amazing sight of blazing sunset on the horizon

Another sinking day’s clashing orange and crimson glory

But the senses that I have entertained and felt further on

Will always be retained forever in my senseful memory.

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Briarcliff Manor

We’re defective, we’re elective, we are the good boys and girls gone bad

So restrain me and cure me now with *buzz* *buzz* electroshocks

Cane me and lock me up within the corners of grimy limestone walls

Torture me to your own whims Sister; why not? It’s a madhouse after all


Boiling baths to condense your soul of all its black smoking madness

Solitary confinement to expel the numerous demons you possess

Colourful characters to see, like greedy priests and a Santa Claus defaced

Mexicans and devilish nuns, and here comes ‘ol infamous Bloody Face

Scarlet Rorschach tests that the psychiatrist provides are spattering

Patterned rusty blood and brown faeces on the floor are freely dripping

What do you see? A knife? A heart? A person? Or a shiny gun?

Worry not, my dearest patient, you and I are going to have so much fun


Screams and chants and yells and thudding heads in a morbid symphony

A terrible storm is brewing, so let’s just go and watch a old Christian movie

Demons, monsters, angel of death, Nazis, aliens, all this sheer nonsense

So go ahead and take a pick from this varied roster of utter madness


Now it’s time to take a side; are you a victim? Or the victor?

Do you want bitter pills to cure your ails, or retribute with a glinting razor?

Decide your fate, come what may, but in the end, surely you’ll still fall

Oh what the hell everyone, shut up and deal, it’s a madhouse after all.

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Ad Hominem

I’m thinking of my soul’s sovereignty,
And I know everything you hate in me
Fill me up with over-pious badgerings
To throw them up, one of my favorite things…


We’re just poking around, having a bit of mischievous fueled fun

So don’t you cry now sweetie, don’t let your precious makeup run

No personal attacks, this is simply some friendly banter

Come now dear, that tepid smile of yours is revealing your pent-up anger

Why is your face violently heliotrope? Has your wounded soul had enough?

If you were so sensitive, you shouldn’t have entered the line of fire, love

Honestly though, be far from it for me to stifle your amazing flair

But remember darling, in the game of love and war and persiflage, all is fair.


…Too bad the things that make you mad
Are my favourite things!

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Little Blue Butterfly

Little blue butterfly

Dancing in the pink skies

Past the green lands grassy

Aren’t you just very pretty?


Little blue butterfly

Now don’t you dare cry

For beauty is your grace

Adding colour to our days


Little blue butterfly

All you ever do is try

Flutter against the cold rain

Fight against the harsh pain


Little blue butterfly

Why do you sadly sigh?

All the sweet nectar is gone

Chromatic flowers wilted on


Little blue butterfly

Why do you still lie?

Try to exude hope as you fly

But truth is…

Don’t you just want to curl up and die?

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Hymn For Annabelle

This night, walk the dead in a solitary style
And crash the cemetery gates
In the dress your husband hates
Way down, mark the grave
Where the search lights find us
Drinking by the mausoleum door
And they found you on the bathroom floor…


Can you hear that loud sound intruding your softest elegy, Annabelle?

Melody against harsh thunderous clanging of the old church bells?

Sonorous sound resonating, disconsolate and mournful to the bone

As they carry your pastel withered body away in your chiseled pink coffin stone


You knelt down to me now, crying in a shadowy church confessional

Annabelle, love, what sins and vices have you often lusted for now?

Whisper all of them to me clearly, for your divine transcendental

Heaven, hell, purgatory, which will your tainted soul venture to allow?


Annabelle, I have always thought you were the purest of white

Annie dear, synonymous to a blooming water lily, delicate and bright

But somehow that efflorescent plant has now wilted and drowned

Filling its decaying brown lungs with the cold water that surrounds


Annabelle, giggling excitedly with your group of friends at the bayside pier

Cotton candy by your lips, your celestial dress hiding your dessicated heart

Pleasant demeanour fading as you stood waiting, your fluttering ebony hair

Staring down into the murky waters, how badly did you wish to jump?


Annabelle, would you like to relay your last prayers in your wake, vis-à-vis?

Hands clasped together, in a pew, staring at your own funeral service

Fallen rose wreaths and fake red tears, can you handle the melancholy?

Sordid priests and frowning nuns, as I mumble my heartless bland eulogy


Carafes of bloody wines toasted, canticles in a morbidly-joyous anthem

Ostentatious display of sorrow, grotesque streamers on a mausoleum

You were a simple girl, Annabelle, but they wanted your lifeline celebrated

But confetti and balloons and the static noise is what you always have hated


Annabelle, there’s a budding flower flourishing inside your twisted womb

But you don’t wish for it to blossom so you chose the sanctity of the tomb

They would shame you, they’d disgrace you, throw you down the pit of deceit

You thought it better to have a fabulous death than a life of wretched defeat


A parade of endless black and grey, silk dripping and umbrellas raised up plain

As the dislimned anguished skies pulled a fresh sheath of sobbing rain

A grave dug fresh, a grey cracked tombstone, a short epitaph inscribed

“To the beautiful girl who still radiates hope and inspires even as she died”


A wandering soul with a grave mistake, my perfect, sweetest, bleeding Annabelle

Society has wept and grieved this day, for such a innocent lovely girl has fell

Annabelle, your teasing scarlet lips are forever stained in a permanent smile

Won’t you tell me one last secret to keep, or will you hide them all for eternity’s while?


I miss you, I miss you so far
And the collision of your kiss
That made it so hard

Way down, way down…

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Sneaking out late, o’er here and there

Past the squeaky groan of tired stairs

Past the soft sighs of fluffy carpet floor

Out the boast of the huge oaken door

Into the midnight skies’ open splendour

Dancing shadows of monochrome colour

Past the cold nooks and susurrus dark alleys

And onto the verdant heart of green valleys

Zephyr blowing ever softly without a care

As I arrive on time to my appointed affair

With the silliest of my little secret dates

Of me and the galaxy’s colliding destined fates

Shooting stars hold tight my trembling hand

Silver ribbon of nebula can only understand

So won’t you take me away to that special place

For a drink of the universe’s intoxicating haze

And tomorrow wake up, cosmic hungover

But tended for by the mellow sunlight’s care until I feel better.

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I’m struck sick with disgust

Bitter putrid and greenly sick

The peptic taste of indigestion

Overflowing and ever so rich


Wretched whispers I followed

Into the roaring damp old cave

Hoping there’s a bit of light for me

That I could still manage to save


Truth and information unsaid

Hearsay stuck in my dumb head

Discovered under the white sheets

A rotten tooth in sticky candy treat


Swirled confusion and contusions

Lesions in my buffering brain

Twirled allusions and illusions

Can’t make sense of all this pain


I didn’t see, I haven’t learned

When my suspicions were aroused

They were never really confirmed

But the truth will always come out


Can’t even make me forget

Can’t even change destiny’s hate

Can’t even change sides on a bet

In this cruel cosmic joke that I ate


I didn’t really wish to ever know

True that ignorance was sweet bliss

If only memories could simply go

I’d leave her hanging in the darkest pit.

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Material Sensibilities

I saw the world today
It comes in green and gray
Refrigerator humming
Chewing gum and instant karma
The wars are whoring
All the stores are bored with all your money
We follow what’s to come, that’s what they sold to me…


All of humanity is deeply indulged in a hive behaviour of acquiring the finest of wares

Updated in the latest haute couture, showing off their phones and 80 dollar styled hairs

Shiny white teeth grinning blindingly in ads, caught in the act of false commercialism

I guess we’re all just mindless parasites bloated with festering materialism


Consuming, devouring endlessly, like frenzied sharks left starving for days

Always demanding, taking, and buying, but putting everything bought to waste

Sales galore, percentage stores, midnight rush while stocks still last, love

The cheery PA crackles alive, good day, my dearest shoppers, are your brains also 80% off?


We all demand the latest technology like rabid technophile hoarders

But still stick to our past decayed metal like filthy scampering scavengers

We grab on the shelves madly, keep and hide until there’s nowhere else left for storage

Taking up space everywhere, polluting this world with toys, goods, and gadgets


Landfills and nature’s beauty littered with endless rusty human traces

Broken appliances and acquisitions that were never used once, newest of trashes

We are all connected, syncopated, sold out, we’re all lobotomised and wired

Burning green paper into a choking bonfire until the dollar stores get tired


We all got into car crashes gawking up at the gargantuan showoff billboards

We hurt the hate and money talks but to listen to them we never get bored

We bury ourselves into deep wallowing and try to ignore our problematic issues

We scream inside revving Ferraris and sob into our high-quality soft Kleenex tissues


Ruthless high-scale companies hide their horns, pretend to warmly come to our need’s aid

Reassuring like a pal that you’ll save some cash if you followed what they dictate

Amusement parks and longest lines and quick queues that all lead into Hell

And the Devil greets you by the gates, with posters and mugs and hats to sell


We’ve bought the entire planet and still we lust to auction off the silver stars

Sucking everything in our path until all that’s left are jagged grey scars

Never leaving anything for those who need it, as we peddle for dematerializing sensibility

Oh won’t you spare a just a little dime for this consumed materialistic humanity?


Oh, we’ve made a mistake
We’ve lost our minds
We’ve lost our memory
Oh, what’s it gonna take?
There’s always something else
Waiting on the shelf…

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Seashells scattered on the warm sand;

Striped, strange, slippery, spiralling

Black conches and buttercup lucines,

Purple ceriths and gastropods spinning

Seashells scintillating by the seashore

Showering specks of small chromaticity

Showing to our sanguine souls that

Sheer beauty comes in packages of fragility.

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