Vous êtes mon étoile.

You are my star

In a city of fog and smoke

Pushing stubborn past the haze

And you fill me up with sweet hope


You are my star

Ever radiant and gleaming

Your twinkle softly singing

Yellow diamond scintillating


You are my star

In a valley of sheer darkness

Mind not the silver cold moon

You call attention amidst the gloom


You are my star

Beauty, splendour never rivalled

Your blazing warmth set just right

Kissing me sweet dreams every night


You are my star

Raison d’être, my cause for existence

Without you in this vast universe

There’ll be chaos and dissidence


You are my star

Glorious, yet futilely too distant

Though I try and wage my luck often

My chances are empty-handedly scant


You are my star,

And I jump so high to reach you

Try to fly high above to meet you

But I know that I’ll never catch you

And I will forever be beneath you.


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