Ad Hominem

I’m thinking of my soul’s sovereignty,
And I know everything you hate in me
Fill me up with over-pious badgerings
To throw them up, one of my favorite things…


We’re just poking around, having a bit of mischievous fueled fun

So don’t you cry now sweetie, don’t let your precious makeup run

No personal attacks, this is simply some friendly banter

Come now dear, that tepid smile of yours is revealing your pent-up anger

Why is your face violently heliotrope? Has your wounded soul had enough?

If you were so sensitive, you shouldn’t have entered the line of fire, love

Honestly though, be far from it for me to stifle your amazing flair

But remember darling, in the game of love and war and persiflage, all is fair.


…Too bad the things that make you mad
Are my favourite things!


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