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Northern Equinox

Observe the celestial sphere, majestic veneration, as it gradually changes

The sun at its highest point, towering zenith, its subsolar point at ranges

A longer day to spend today, a simple stretch of the passing morning hours

The northern solstice comes thus to lull the Earth, held upon its seasonal powers.

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Say goodbye my love
I can see it in your soul
Say goodbye my love
Thought that I could make you whole
Let your lover sail
Death was made to fail…


Two perpendicular souls

Clambering for a tight hold

Lacklustre and senseless

Exceeding with ebullience

Clamouring and reaching

Fingers almost touching

Grazing but never holding

Hands parallel, not closing

Stretched muscles so tense

Creaking old bones dense

Finding a way out of deliria

Minds contradict dementia

Listen to their broken hearts

Pounding like wilder drums

And they carry on the singing

Trying to connect red strings

Against the resplendent haze

Against the turbulent tidal waves

They’ll reach ’til they lose their hold

They’ll fight hard ’til their souls dissolve.


Babe I know love is a funny thing
Born to die in the eternal spring…

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She’s got a smile it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything
Was as fresh as the bright blue sky…


Little child,

Your untainted innocence radiating is constantly so astounding

Your smoky quartz eyes staring wistfully at the painted ceiling

I often catch myself silently pondering, and breathlessly marvelling

At your blessed creation, almost surreal, such a miraculous happening

The universe itself delights gladly, pleased at your very conception

Shooting stars laugh and dance, sharing your birth to the nation

Galaxies veer wildly, clashing, dashing, lost in their excited elation

The daybreak hums, pulling a tapestry of fresh peach horizon

You lie resting peacefully, warmed in the wooden crib’s softest white

Blanket curled carefully yet intricately around your minute body

Tender skin unmarred, soft pink complexion, no scars, just light

An exquisite child made of stardust, love, and all Earth’s sheer beauty

Wispy raven hair falling to your smooth face in daintiest of curls

Tears falling like the clearest rain blown East by the loving zephyr

Toothless mouth and candy floss lips, in a slight smile unfurled

Your every breath taken in like a cherub’s whimsical faint whisper

Sleeping deep in the midnight, what fragile dreams do you bring?

Like a cotton ivory lamb frolicking joyously in the verdant valley spring

A slight twitch, a hint of movement, your mittened fingers in a hold

As you slumber on peacefully and cool oxygen embraces your soul

To the sweetest purest boy, to my sister’s bonny little child

I have been wounded, true, and the world is unruly, terrifying, and wild

This is a heartless, hateful planet, cruel, careless, to have harshly said

Scary monsters aren’t resigned to lurk in your closet and under your bed

They scream, they cry, they grab, they pull, they wail and they punch madly

Though you care not at all, you’re a mellow child, you’re cherished honey

Lovely child, you need not know more, for the darkness is not yet your enemy

But rather, it takes care of you and embraces you, a comforting entity

You’re sinless, your cotton clothes pristine, your childish innocence

Why, even Heaven sings at your sanguine, lighthearted benevolence

I wish you won’t grow up so soon, but even doves perched have to fly away

And I also await to see you age gradually and develop bit by bit, day by day

Whenever I catch a peep of your delicate form as it is, and your pensive brown eye blinked open

My hopes soar fast, the gloomy clouds drop, and I know in my heart that the world is not all tenebrous and broken.


Now and then when I see her face
She takes me away to that special place
And if I’d stare too long
I’d probably break down and cry…

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Satirical Reminiscences

While you stood over the pavement
I was biting the curb
Sick entertainment, but I’ll bet it feels good
Coming down
Can’t bear to wash out the wasted time
Between your lips and mine…


You and I are simply wasting nascent time in a universe that was never built for two

Parallel worlds and black holes are the more befitting sets for this tragedy play of rue

When we parted and said our dead goodbyes, roses wilting on a cold eve of November

I asked you, in the midst of the howling wind and chasmic rain, darling, do you still remember?


Do you remember the sugary whispers you uttered before you sounded a guttural scream

Against my ear, an act of raw violence tearing against the veneer of saccharine seams?

Do you remember the harsh music we made, the orchestral cacophony growing louder

With the accompaniment of shattering sounds as we threw vinyl records at each other?


Do you remember the cross of my trembling pallid fingers, stained with bitter nicotine

When I huddled in the shadows of a church confessional, and prayed silently, kneeling?

Do you remember, dear, the sagacious sacrament of sins I spilled from my rotten mouth

Do you remember love, when you told me coldly that a million prayers it won’t have to make up?


Did you witness, when I put a silver bullet in my brain and mercury replaced my tears?

With the acrid grey gun smoke clashing against your wispy careless cigarette tendrils

Do you still keep that wispy lock of your blonde angel hair that I used as my noose?

Did you see when I lay broken on the downtown boulevard, lacerated, marred, and bruised?

Did you realise our souls were perpendicular, wounded hands clambering against

We were just mastering the art of miracles and reaching for some dumb luck heaven sent?

Did you recall falling away in a ravine, and the light drizzle of upsidedown bitter tears

Darling, can you still taste on your red tongue the crimson and cobalt stormy smears?


Do you remember all those jovial days playing chase in the verdant butterfly garden

When it was perfect; I was your protective Adam and you were my ravishing Eden?

Now love, do you still have the poisonous serpentine apple lodged in your choking throat?

When you bit at the forbidden temptation and blamed me solely, said our curse was my fault?


Do you remember those days? Do you remember what went wrong? Won’t you tell me darling?

All that sweetness of our emotions that grew into a dark cavity, destroying, decimating, decaying?

Tell me all you can think of, in this biography, for I’m bleeding raven ink stains, blotting your pale paper skin

We’re writing a fantasy book of us, false reality scribbled on the yellowed pages, a befitting tragicomedy for other fools to be entertained.


So c’mon and swing it back and forth just like
My heart is on a pendulum tonight
I only wanna watch your clouds
Linger in the darkness
Oh, can’t you feel it?
You’re feeding on my restless soul
Oh, can you see that
It’s never enough, it’s never enough…

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Calculated ConSciences



The height of man’s hubris

Is greater than the galaxy’s imminent scars

And far more self-destructive

Than the chasmic rage of a collapsing star.



Self-sustaining energy particles moving in constant disposition

Flying restlessly and bumping, in a state of endless collision

Combined together, and we’re completely inseparable, ever entwirled

But try to split us apart, and we’ll blow up and annihilate this entire world.



Electrify my bland empty soul with your high voltage resonating

Light me up with your purple streaks of wild dangerous lightning

Serenade me with sonorous music from your silver metallic currents

Guide me to sheer phosphorescence and make my damaged circuits reconnect.



I always appear to be in a state of vivacity, cloud-nine jubilance

People take a single look at me and see a belle epoque of elegance

But no one will know the truth, and nobody else will ever see

Because I only enter the state of decay when there’s nobody gawking at me.



Approach with utmost caution the raging black hole that is my body

If you dare, pass through my dark event horizon’s melding singularity

The geodesic paths to witness and scalar invariant curvatures to see

And once you have survived this impossible ordeal, we’ll be together in sempiternity.


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Scattered Humanity and Paradoxical Mentality

And when the sun burns out
We’ll light the world
With tiny glowing screens
Tiny glowing screens…


I’ve too much work to spend and little wasted time

Hear my cold decline

I’ll try to make the entire universe big bang explode

To find my liquid gold

The modern world’s a waging war of constant vicissitude

Axis spinning backwards

Faux pas slack styles and mainstream media attitude

Your participation award

Too much space spent mulling on avarice and jealousy

But I want his candy!

Too little mass considered on more trivial matters, truly

Will that even affect me?

Another day I wasted gawping at the tiny silver screen

Blinding light, squinting me

And I’m spinning in circles, round and round between

My negative infinity

And there’s this broken-up false irrational equation

Dividing me by zero

And I’ll always come up with a shrug and a syntax error

Or end up a hated hero.


Are we useless? No excuses
We took the peace sign
Reduced it to deuces…

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Once Upon A Red Moon

Once upon a red rose moon

Fragile vial of scarlet gloom

A flying phoenix blazing on

The wine-splashed horizon


Milky moon shaded deep garnet

Halo stark against the darker set

Shiny hanging ruby, lone against

Diamond stars, strung necklaces


Rose heart blanketed by shadows

Cherry lip smiling among sorrows

Or a polished apple on the ground

Merlot among wispy silver clouds


A carmine hue, a lunar sensation

Eclipsing blackest of my elations

Lit candle flame that heaven sent

Conflagrating on onyx firmament


Blue moons are for my melancholy

Yes, as rare as cobalt moons may be

But rarer still is that crimson moon

Blood spilled on the sky, a vivacious gloom.


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Midnight Clear

Sitting by the chartreuse grass, basking on this marvellous midnight clear

With only my little furry canine companion to keep me close and dear

Curiously he sniffles at the soft tawny dirt, lost in a discovering game of trust

As I revel hazily at the ebony tapestry sky, lost in bright showers of fiery stardust

Crickets chirping tranquil lullabies, the cool wind but a smooth whimsy refrain

The dulcet merry tune of harmonic hearts, consonance ringing clear and plain

The calm prelude of peacefulness after a harried day of melancholic exposure

A rare serene night where everything is halcyon and right, nothing more I could ever ask for.

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All Hail The King; God Save The Queen

When there’s no future, how can there be sin?
We’re the flowers in the dustbin
We’re the poison in your human machine
We’re the future, your future…


Wallowing in your vast wealth, swim in limitless riches and sheer opulence

With your hard-worn pride glimmering blind and your greedy ego’s corpulence

Your golden throne and bejewelled shiny crown is your gratifying sanctity

Your own way of safe protection against life’s endless cruel infidelity


Dine as many times a day as you wish, with the finest of food and silverware

And a bath of lavender and rose petals shall await you later on, laid prepared

With tailored suits and expensive gowns donned, shan’t you have a party?

Dance to the beat of the music and mingle with the highest orders of society


Paid postage stamps donning your sharp profiles, lick it and then stick

The poorer ask for empty grumbled bellies fed, why not let them eat cake?

The criminals fled and burned witches dead, sick entertainment to no end

Bring the executions on, strike the razor guillotine, and *thwack!* Off with their heads!


Power and soldiers will save you from the hive crowds, masses that flock and hate

Chainmail armour will protect you from crimson roses’ sharp thorns that badly scathe

Cold currency can buy you everything that you ever wish for at your own disposal

After all, money talks better, and it’s sadly true that human avarice is universal


Your banner stabbed and raised upon the ground, designated coat of arms boasted, flag fluttering

Rewarded with that twisted satisfaction of making a mark on this earth, such a sweet dignified feeling

But not all that glitters is gold; people shall look upon you not with fear and respect, but rather loathing and pity

And the centuries will come and pass until you’re nothing more but a mere forgotten footnote in the books of history.

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Drizzles and Hurricanes

Ocean blue, what have I done to you?
Cut so deep, yet growing through and through—
I built a hive, became one with the bees
But we fell like rain, got lost into the sea
If I don’t know, the wind will carry me
So just hold tight…


Poured cups of brewed coffee and steeped steaming darjeeling

The warmth in my soul swift spreading, quite a satisfying feeling

Cotton clouds burst, sudden downpour of trickling shallow streams

Spray shower knocking against my windowsill, eluding my daydreams


Northeast zephyr blowing unexpected fast without a spoken warning

The benevolent chill down my spine slowly starts descending

Weaker willow weeping and tougher tree trunks all succumbing

To the playful wind’s lighter affections and its wispy waltzing


Mirrored epiphanies witnessed, saw washed up mirages of entities

Lost in imagination, exhale on the glass and doodle small fantasies

Adventures occurring on the tip of my fingers, yet sadly easily fading

Before I return to my poetry book, cozy wool socks and duvet hanging


A sfumatic skyline, like a halogen haze of pastel paints swirled nonsensically

Hues stark blending, shades violent clashing, but all synthesising perfectly

Shier sun rays cautiously peek out from beneath their fluffy hiding places

Nuanced kisses for lost lingering sunseekers, little vervet golden traces


Thumping beats echoing deep from abstract outlines of distant drumlins

Symphony of Sinatra’s crooning coda, ladies and his love serenading

Interlacing silken mists of whispered fog, a show of softer interludes

To accompany the falling twinkle of sapphire raindrops and liquid diamonds


Today I’ll be making merry on flowing flumes and floating folded-up paper boats

Won’t you see it sailing under the bridge of rainbow, down the puddle’s one-way course

Today I’m frolicking without a care and having a blissful round of playground games

Indulge and enjoy with sweet-lipped sanguine drizzles and choleric calypso hurricanes.


Over and over many setting suns
I have run, I have waited for the rain to come
When through that mist, I see the shape of you
And I know, and I know that I’m in love with you…

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