Ponderings and Preludes VI

Here I lie forever, sorrow still remains
Will the water pull me down and wash it all away?
Come and take me over, welcome to the game
Will the current drag me down and carry me away?
Suddenly the light begins to fade…



I was severely fragile

And I let you drop me

Maybe if I was more agile

I won’t be broken, maybe.



The water is scalding hot

Their tempers are boiling

Hate spilling over the pot

It’s time for me to jump in.



Your sunshine is quite radiating

Smile lambent, aureole, sincere

But your heat got overwhelming

And tore holes in my atmosphere.



Delusional, schizo, a crazy mess

Insults as I indulge in my fantasy

If I can swim through happiness

Why drown myself in cold reality?



I wouldn’t swallow my own pride

For once, I said I’d rather be dead

Thus I stood my ground foolishly

And ended up choking on it instead.



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