Nostalgic Reveries

You take the verboten words I never have the viscera to say

But often feels like a bullet shrapnel lodged within my mind

And you confess out loud, in full colour, that entire gory story

Of the thorned ivy vines with which my heart’s intertwined

Laughing melancholically about our ancient glory days

When the heavy graphite clouds don’t disrupt the haze

When our kaleidoscope eyes had verdant hopes to tell

When this entire planet and everyone else can go to hell

Candy wrappers and earphone cords make life sweeter

And for once, I indulge in a meal that doesn’t taste bitter

And we vent in juxtapose, transgression side by side

But glad to see that we’re still holding on in this crazy ride

Yet father time is thread worn, glimmering hours nascent

Every liquid drop of scintilla minute’s drizzle feels heaven sent

Oh, I sorely wish it didn’t have to be this way, my old friend

But our homes are wayward, I wish this day would never end

Yet lost faith may be rekindled opalescently whenever it kills

And all of you make me believe in credence that there is still

Something in this puerile, damned mess of a deformed world

That’s worth raising my sword for, that it’s a game worth fighting for.

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