Foolhardy with a Capital F

I’ve been trying to make sense
I’ve been shouting under my breath
How’s any of this in my interest
When you sold me out
I must’ve not got the cheque…


You are under my skin

I will take it all off then

You were heavy clouds

Always hanging around

Don’t hold your breath

‘Cause you’ll suffocate

It’s bad for your health

To be dosed up in hate

Should I spell you out?

You are foolhardy with

A capital F, falling south

Crash into misperceive


Do the acid test, Goldie

Bearing a forest cavalry

Hey Mary extraordinary

Don’t, don’t be contrary

Please Julie, do not fall

Within collapsing stars

Charlie, go easy to call

When you begin a war

Should I spell you out?

You’re Miss Foolhardy

With a capital F, so say

I am wrong, so tell me


You’re always oblivious

To the chairs I’ve pulled

Next to you, so obvious

But you ain’t got a clue

I have brand new eyes

You only spat on them

But I’ll see even clearer

With my distorted lens

But why’d you fail to see

Should I still spell it out?

You are Miss Foolhardy

With a big red capital F

You hightail in a Harley

Hell is your playground

But oh, Miss Foolhardy

I must be Mister Dopey

And every time, for your

Recklessness, I go crazy.


Don’t hold your breath
I’m not losing sleep over you
I’m Mr. Reckless
And you’re defenceless
The best you never had…


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