I will never get tired of the song that’s been repeating itself in my head the entire day. It’s a catchy, gorgeous tune, with whimsical lyricism that wrenches the stopper out of my bottled poison heart and pours the acidic contents down the sewer pipes, only to fill it up with a sweeter alleviating potion. Learning to memorise it was simply like unlocking an ancient wooden box that’s been stubbornly resisting itself against the turn of the key, yet now, it gave in sombrely after all its initial protests, and turned over the missing information with a defeated creak and a rustic sigh. Perhaps then I didn’t actually learn it, after all, for it’s already been there all the time, only stored away and fading from thirst of sunlight, dusted off its cobwebs and recovered, and presently brought back into the light. Why, if only I had any sinew or shred of decent musical talent within me, any at all running through the surging bloodlines in my high-strung veins, I would’ve gone ahead and honoured it immediately with calloused fingers strumming a guitar and a mellifluous voice. Instead I’m reduced to shamefully destroying it, sordidly desecrating it, insensibly desacralising it, with the driest of toneless humming and warbling sour notes that are all that my maundering vocal chords can ever manage and propel itself to produce. It really is an amazing song though. I can only hope so tirelessly that I shall tire of it nevermore. Hearing my dearest wishes and heeding only to grant it, the persistent earworm that lodged itself deeply within the inner reaches of my mind is already digging its glinting claws and teeth through my membrane more furiously than before, and popping down on the blood-red couch for another bite. I, to play own provided part and reinstate my role as the hospitable host, will be very welcoming and I shall be quite gracious enough to feed it to its heart’s content with its needed nourishments and let it siphon me shriveled in order for it to gain sustenance. I can’t deny it’s getting worse, but trust me, it’s a blessing and a curse.

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