When I’m around you, I’m predictable
‘Cause I believe in loving you with first sight
I know it’s crazy but I’m hoping
To take a hold of you…


Smoother than the

Bass guitar that

You play ever

So awesomely,

More energetic

Than the crowds

That cheer you on

Every single night,

Funnier than a

Boy walking about

With only a shirt

Covering his legs,

More surprising

Than the clandestine

Talent of your

Angelic singing,

The man who

Can ruin people’s

Lives by wearing

A black beanie.

A talented guy

With a killer smile

And dimples deeper

Than the ocean,

And with it

You drown me

In palpable vivacity

And happiness.


Could this be out of line? (Could this be out of line?)
To say you’re the only one breaking me down like this
You’re the only one I would take a shot on
Keep me hanging on so contagiously…


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