¡Viva Las Vegas!

A pretty picture but the scenery is so loud
A face like heaven catching lighting in your nightgown
But back away from the water, babe, you might drown
The party isn’t over tonight (lighting in your nightgown)
Hey, where will you be waking up tomorrow morning?
Hey, out the backdoor, goddamn but I love her anyway!


Don’t wipe off your embalmed makeup just yet

I adore you sweetheart, I’ll kiss you for a bet

Poise and irrationality’s the poison of the victim

A pretty covert movie with the lighting dim


Memories of a fading twisted tongue collide

Sophistication sliding off the laudanum side

And all the girls at night are making me sweat

And the boys cheer me with wolf calls of respect


Empty bottles of gin, dribbling off your chin

The Vegas lights are burning, all-in, and I win

Snatches of conversations swim past my ears

Saline and formaldehyde of cascading tears


So say what you mean, and don’t be afraid

This city is yours, take the applause you paid

It’s history, the avenue and boulevard is lined

And they’re all aching to dissect your mind


Every perspective approaches home so near

Nicotine stains, champagne, and stench of fear

Hijack my medal eyes and render me numb

Replace the lens of the camera, pop your gum


Forget the nightly cabaret, the burlesque shame

The motel room you rented absolves the blame

Dust away the contrite asbestos off your waistcoat

The caricature masks are ready for the grand show


We’re decomposing arrogantly in beautiful quiet messes

Girls dancing in white dresses, formidable men with roses

Foreign deaths alluding veracity, chaotic hurricane storms

Velvet lips sealed under the threat of sin, smiling in scorn


This night we will sink so low, so wash me away and drop the anchor

Waltzing along with secret admirers and falling asleep on a stranger

It’s a sensation in Viva Las Vegas, a scandal of grandiloquent galantine

So sit back and drink your daiquiris, you’re in for a surprise of romantic machines.


Climbing out the back door, didn’t leave a mark
No one knows it’s you, Miss Jackson
Found another victim, but no one’s gonna find
Miss Jackson, Jackson, Jackson…

Soooooo. I just noticed—but not quite recently though, mind you—just how much the bands I listen to and their songs and song lyrics affect my way of writing. I always get absurdly inspired to write because of the songs that I listen to, and most often I tend to mimic their writing styles, which are very distinctive from each other as can be. You don’t get to be a band bitch without knowing the difference between an MCR song and a P!ATD one, and you certainly don’t get any points for not being able to tell their song themes apart. At that point should you proceed to go to a solitary corner and rethink your entire life while I blast out my entire music playlist loud enough to shame the entire Warped Tour; or maybe vice versa. But anyways, I digress. When I write, I subconsciously assimilate these peoples’ way of thinking and creating lyrics into my works. Sometimes I’m Kellin-sappy, sometimes I’m Gerard-twisted-dark, sometimes I’m Alex-poppy, sometimes I’m Oli-angry, sometimes I’m Billie Joe-political, sometimes I’m Brendon-party-animaly, and mostly I’m Vic-seriously-fucking-profound-and-unique-and-heart-wrenching-awesome-lyricism. And truth be told, these bands, songs, and music in general are the reason for my surplus of motivation for writing lately. It just really helps spark my creativity and channel all that inspiration and motivation into writing poetry, because I would write songs, but I couldn’t give them justice even if I damn well tried. So here’s a little experiment that I decided to do when I skipped school at least three months ago and was equal parts bored and sleep-deprived (and slightly emotionally-compromised, no thanks to nEW ALBUM RELEASES), but got too lazy to continue until now. Here’s the bands that you’ve known to love, and watch me tear apart every initial and remaining sentiment you have for them as I rip off their amazing lyric-writing skills and cheapen it severely with my own neo-pirated terrible poetry. This is just a little sample out of the literal millions of bands that I listen to, and barely even a sliver and a scratch of the complete mess my life has become. Enjoy, I guess. Or probably not. Um, that’s all. It’s 4 in the morning and I have classes in two hours and I don’t know why I’m even bothering to write this down when A. no one will read it, and B. I will regret publishing this when I’m sober enough to be rational. But yeah. I’m done. So long, and goodnight. Oh no wait, I should save that for the last one I’ll post. Uhhh, I guess…by the time you’re hearing this I’ll already be gone. Adios hermanos!

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