Yeah, this is what I do, take another bite
Big enough to chew
She said, “Careful, or you’ll lose it”
But girl, I’m only human
And I know there’s a blade where your heart is
And you know how to use it…

Entrée # 1: Hors d’œuvre

There’s blood in my fingers from where you broke them clean

Take another bite of my quivering torso, gut the blade in my spleen

I’ll be alright, my bloodshot eyes roll back at your finer tastes

If you’re planning to murder me, dear, just don’t let me go to waste

Entrée #2: Apéritif

I couldn’t lose it, I wouldn’t lose it, this time, this time I swear

They all look so goddamn tantialising to me, they’re all so unaware

My cracked lips are watering at the thought of flesh rather aged

I’m five seconds away from counting down and going into a rampage

Fine Dining: Plat Principal

The rioting voices in my head screamed “Run, why don’t you?!”

But I’m afraid I’m enjoying my own homicide scene far too much to stop

Turn around, let me see the perpetrator, let me take you through

It’s not fair, with every gland and chemical, they ruptured in another trap

Save Some Room: Assiette à Dessert

What…what the fuck happened? All I see is a decaying cadaver still smiling

And sweet postmortem laughter digging at the back of my head, latching to me

I searched for a drag, lost restraint again, and satisfied myself with my  f e e d

I said that I’ll stop killing for greed, but I never said I’ll stop for what I  n e e d.

And you can take my flesh if you want, girl
But, baby, don’t abuse it
These voices in my head screaming, “Run, now”
I’m praying that they’re human…


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2 responses to “Consumed

  1. oh my, this was brilliant. gosh, where do you even get these ideas from! (like, seriously though. i’m worried for the mental well being of your little nephew)

    i think this poem should totally be titled “Fava Beans and Chianti” xD
    or it could be like the title theme of our blog.

    • It was? I mean, this is just mostly inspired from Hannibal (so yes, you got that right XD), Tokyo Ghoul, and a really awesome eponymous song from my current band obsession, so there’s that. *shrug*

      And hey! I’m not corrupting my nephew. *voice drops three octaves* That much. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have things to do. *continues making nephew watch post-hardcore music videos at insanely loud volumes while babysitting him*

      Lol no I just wrote this after going through some of my older write-ups and realising just how dark and completely demented they were and it got me thinking about how I don’t write those kinds of poems anymore. So here was my pathetic attempt at a compensation for it?

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