anatomical dissection: brain

what hurts more,

remembering to forget

or forgetting to remember?


you count all the wins

and all the pyrrhic losses

that take your victories under


what hurts more,

the scars on your shoulders

or the scars inside your mind?


invisible to the naked eye

but a succumbing force that

makes you lose what you’ll find


what hurts more,

staying for the sake of leaving

or living for the sake of staying?


lock the pain up in your room

and hope this house burns down

with you still trapped inside, crying


what hurts more,

all the words that they said

or the words you never spoke?


sticks and stones don’t break bones

but splints and cement puts them back

quietly mending what you always broke


what hurts more,

knowing too much of everything

or drowning in your own ignorance?


scourge for knowledge, miss for bliss

drain the oceans and fill up the abyss

self-hatred fighting your self-defiance


what hurts more,

this cold logical ideology

or the lying sentimental truth?


it’s a constant push and pull

of devastating dreams and riled reality

inspiring like the rabbit inspires the wolf


what hurts more,

overthinking things again

or not thinking about it at all?


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6 responses to “anatomical dissection: brain

  1. Fuck why do you write things like this i’m in campus i can’t get emotional okay?

  2. Eh. Frankly this didn’t turn our like i hoped it would. But maybe i’m still adjusting. But maybe i’m doomed here discovering the worth of instant noodles. You’re lucky you have the privilege to read about my sad troglodyte-brained problems. And i ain’t stalking you don’t flatter yourself. I’m “visiting”.

    • Ehhhh, give it some time. If there’s anyone who’s gonna adjust to kidney-frying instant food and being surrounded by lots of people and living a lifestyle that’s probably gonna be constantly on the verge of being broke, that’s you. And also idk if you noticed, but the whole “troglodyte” insult was meant for me because I have been sitting my arse in this bed for three months without any other purpose in life than to occasionally get up and eat and then be sad about it and honestly my brain feels so goddamn numb to this entire planet. That got real quick. Uhhhh, balls. And “visiting” yeah right, that’s what I all toLD THEM ABOUT SITTING ALL NIGHT UNDER THE WINDOW OF SOMEONE’S HOUSE WHILE WHISPERING DEATH THREATS BUT THEY STILL CUFFED ME AND KICKED ME TO JAIL

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