i had a dream that

i plucked the flowers

from his chest and

his smile turned it into

a wilted bouquet.

with the stars wrapped

around the hem of

my sundress and saturn

crying for lost navy,

i was a callow-minded

breath beyond rain

and he told me i was an

endless night, but no,

i did not mind that at all.

for i was kept safe by

the space between his hands

where callas revolved

around forever; and forever,

like time, didn’t exist.

only him. and i. and a garden

full of impossibilities.


Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “gypsophila

  1. You write beautifully, and for someone who’s trying to learn how to write again after forgetting bits of myself, this pulls at some part of my soul. Maybe I just have to keep reading and keep following that tug to end up writing again, but thank you. I can only hope that someday I’m somewhere near being as good as you are.

    • I must apologise for replying a little late, but all the same, thank you so much for all your kind words, it really made my day. 🙂 I’ve visited your blog and I could honestly say that your works simply astound me. They’re so full of colour and heartache and dreams, and I love your writing style and the whimsical way you string your words together. I can only fervently hope that you will write some more in the future. ♥

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