Escape Route

Who the hell are you
To make them want to give a damn
Beyond the flowers in your mouth
You’ll never be a better man

So let the burdens in your chest
Escape, you know you’ll never rest
So point the gun up to your roof
And have a taste, it’s just the truth

“Maybe I haven’t been
The best intention to you
I find it’s easier to leave
Than to guess without a clue”

It’s what they always do

You only wanted out
The way that you don’t care’s
Your escape route.

Hello and happy leap day or whatever the hell, here’s a bad song I wrote a long while back when my dumb mind was doing the big sad hurty thing again for no particular reason except that I’m a depressive piece of dirtclod, so we have another shitty unfinished song thing on an untuned guitar because I’m in dire need of some overdue fucking therapy but can’t have some!!! Sans all the nice audio editing this time because my computer wouldn’t let up so it sucks even more. This hurts me more than it hurts anyone else. Or actually both. Everyone will suffer. That’s just existence. Will I ever finish any of these??? Probably also friggin’ not. That’s also just existence. No wonder everyone absolutely hates my guts now pfft. Anyway. My lemon green tea’s getting cold so I have to go now.

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