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I still look for you

In suffocating temples

Within the faith I lost

And in mindless rituals


Mumbled promises

The kind I couldn’t keep

Memories that grow

More distant as I sleep


I still look for you

When the pangs cut through

All the could-have-beens

Just a name they never knew


Maybe there’s an afterlife

And maybe I’ll turn out okay

Memories will stay with us

Even if you’re long gone away.

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Vita Dell’aldilà: An Tragedy Opera in Four Parts

A makeshift smile, a polished look
Some rehearsed lines was all it took
He had it down, man, he was good
A woman screams, her mother weeps
A life so changed irrevocably
What he stole from her is gone for good…



Shadows under a spotlight, curtains calling and faces falling

Misfortune malady and maidens in masks, tickets outselling

The man of the show, the leading actor dies of a heart attack

They applaud his craft, the prima donna screams come back…



Pantomimes place props, as paramedics arrive for scene two

The act has turned, audiences gasp, orchestra goes crescendo

A stagehand slips and farers faint, dim lighting and all is dire

Cigar tossed, a painted background of inferno catches on fire…



The doctor announces the demise of a thespian, tears are shed

Performers pause for unfortunate condolence, in a quiet stead

Breaths hushed and whispers silenced in devastated memorial

As the stage director pays his respects, and indicates the burial…



But the artists recover, as the crowd settles down to a murmur

Limelight brightens, musical tempo, inquiries made no further

The poor cadaver carried away to the morgue to be cared upon

Death might watch from the audience, but the show shall go on.


When the purest soul is stained by sin
To the public eye where can she begin?
She lost it all and it’s gone for good
And she may never beat the system
But she won’t rest until she’s turned
The villain to the victim…

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After Life

Just imagine a place, cramped and small

Or think of the most solitary place you could befall

A dirty, claustrophobic room, a windowless room

An endless hallway, the dark side of the moon


A peephole in a door, forever unused

Shadows hiding everything, you are refused

A quiet, wind-whipped desert, where no directions exist

A lone rotten house, a place where the night never seems to cease


A foggy place where unseen figures roam

A withered forest, enclosed in a dome

A plain with all sounds muffled by the driving winds

An island eternally floating in a sea of darkness


Now imagine spending an eternity there

Must be terrifying, and can drive you mad

You wouldn’t see anyone, you couldn’t go anywhere

A place with only you and the voices in your head, it must be quite sad


How to stand it, I don not know how

The place, within seconds, will make you insane to your very core

It must be a very scary scenario for now

…But in the afterlife, it’s not just a scenario anymore.

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