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Into the Depths of Tartarus

Exhaustion burns madly beneath my temple, at your ever-cunning sacrifice

Of an artificial religion, set the final scene and throw dead blackbirds and rice

To appease the ancient gods thundering malicious incantations inside my skull

Kneeling before your hide, my coldest blood at the altar; do not be appalled

I shall pray in our devotion, mute out the shrieks of steel against ivory bone

And carve out your grecian name in monuments, of a wanderer set in stone

To dispel the seas and calm their fury, to capture lost angels within my grasp

Crush their wings as I assemble your own, and let the underworld be my only judge.

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netherworld reveries

ancient dreams

of modern hell

where the devil

wishes you well

every sinner and

stone dead angel

murder in cycles

of pendulum fell

shadows regalia

you can’t dispel

throats to injure

strained in yells

for whom it tolls

the church bells

scrims crevasse

foreboding knell

prevarication of

the lying gospel

a latest fashion

just kill and tell

light nightmares

an inferno spell

i’m just another

ghost in the shell.

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