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A Shimmer in September

we’re out here in the open

lungs chewing on fresh air

after a long time of recycling oxygen

windows down, hair billowing,

gazes faltering further down the winding road

in shared anticipation

everything looks a little greener—

even through sleepy starry eyes

our sleepy starry minds

driving off into another unknown

wondering if the tides would be kind today

humming veins past humming teeth

a quick embarrassing wiggly jig to the beat

cheeky banter bouncing about excitedly

and laughing through covered mouths

until slipping glasses fog up

but we could clear it up

we’ve got nothing but passing ocean breeze,

and passing moments,

and passive music building

tall tales and bleeding minerals

all over tired bones—

the morning has just begun

as gentle sunshine cascades amid feverish lights

falling faster beyond feverish hearts

feeling something like life

feeling something like living

feeling something like feeling alive

and breathing a little easier

for the first time in a while.

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Shrinking Summer Violets

I don’t think I shall regret

Missing out on such “fun”

I find it more captivating

To be left than suffer sun

You’ll have your holidays

On ocean and sandiness

I’ll have mine in isolation

Of eremite empty houses

I’m but a mere periwinkle

Flourishing with darkness

I thrive in rhapsodic woes

Under films of dusty webs

Foolish or magnanimous

Peculiar or lonesome true

A sabbatical from frantic

You’ll be gone, I won’t rue

Despite begrudging teeth

And behind closed doors

I have a calm delectation

Quailed by literary scores

Basking in bijou quietude

A shrinking violet I’ll heed

Mayhap such an interlude

Is what this lone soul needs.

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If the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall
Or the mountain should crumble to the sea
I won’t cry, I won’t cry, no, I won’t shed a tear
Just as long as you stand, stand by me…


Why won’t you just stand by me

When my flimsy lullabies falter

Dissolving into stars so sullenly

Speckling the midnight splatter

When the thin air is suffocating

My lungs like a veil of pollution

Breathe, my oxygen effervescing

Heaven’s my only proper solution

The placid moon refines its aura

Into one masterful stained glass

Ready to hear the mournful coda

Of an operatic Valkyrie’s cold lass

Why won’t you simply stand by me

When I’m all apt to be falling apart

Is this but my astrological reveries

Built by a wandering glitched heart

Perhaps I dare now to be neurotic

My tales taller than a red sequoia

In this beach of sands and plastic

You’re the most nebulous paranoia

As sporadic as an elemental spirit

Donning your perverse confluence

And a lopsided smile that’s conduit

For a clandestine mischievousness

Darling, won’t you stand, stand by me

When the galaxy catches my attention

And celestial kingdoms align recklessly

We’ll watch Earth’s theatrical revolution

This quaint planet’s divested, so let it be

Come walk with me for last destination

And I shall carry you home into eternity

Where we can finally sit to rest our notions.

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Seashells scattered on the warm sand;

Striped, strange, slippery, spiralling

Black conches and buttercup lucines,

Purple ceriths and gastropods spinning

Seashells scintillating by the seashore

Showering specks of small chromaticity

Showing to our sanguine souls that

Sheer beauty comes in packages of fragility.

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Little Wave

Reach out to me, little wave

Wash out the dainty smudges and quaint traces I left in the sand

The prints of my feet still walking, to the blushing seafoam I gave

The drawings I left by the shores are yours to claim and understand


Cradle me delicately, little wave

With your turquoise-shaded waters ever so gentle, yet so brave

Splashing playfully, extending out to me with your beckoning cool arms

Embrace me lightly as I sit under the moonlight and watch the yellow stars


Call out to me softly, little wave

Whistle me a mellifluous tune with your freshest salt sea breeze

Give me one last dance, little wave, forever in my memory to save

Before you whisper your goodbyes to my heart and slowly recede.

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