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The Cuckoo’s Nest

Sorry we

Can’t pretend

To be perfect birds

Sorry we

Can’t perform

Like show pigeons

Sorry we

Can’t coo soft

Like innocent doves

Sorry we

Are being noisy

Like a murder of crows

Sorry we

Are vultures that

Circled you overhead

Sorry we

Are kingpins who

Never bite off the bait

Sorry we

Are not flightless

Nor any foolish emus

Sorry we

Are clever ravens

Adroit as writing desk

Sorry we

Hate being caged

As owls, we gotta fly

Sorry we

Aren’t pets to sit

And stay at your will

Sorry we

Are humans that

Won’t leave your nest

Sorry we

Can’t take orders

From a birdbrained pest.

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Lost for the Earth (Terra Incognita)

The earth is silent yet listening, its newborn dewdrops glistening

Hear my lungs fervidly breathing, slowest softest oxygen inhaling

Smoky fog against the glass, let candy crystal dragonflies pass

Grazing against the jade-encrusted grass, insects now don’t be crass

Fabulous not emulous, elegance and jubilance destined to me

Asterisks of yellow stars, velvety chocolate skies, asterim so pretty

Fire and ice, snowcaps cover the lies, asteroids fall like blazing hail

Along chirping twirling ceaseless flying starlings and nightingales

An ocean bloom, a lonely doom, a peacock’s kaleidoscopic plume

A gossamer cloud born against the midnight morn, water kissing flume

Lost wandering and travelling yet worry not your sake unravelling

Distance is no nuisance when peaceful tranquillity is clamouring

They have come but slowly gone, lose that cynical vitriol perpetual

Bring back the rarest essences of ruby quintessence flowing elliptical

Listen to the sound of the pouring rain patter against your brain, the symphonic sheen

And bask in the glory of nature, raw and verdant orchestrating, unmuffled by clanking machines.

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Life goes on.

The sun is always set to rise

As the moon returns the tide

The earth rotates, the stars will glow

The weather changes, rain or snow

Animals play, birds sing their songs

Humanity progresses; life goes on.

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