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What haven’t I done? What have I done?
What haven’t I done to deserve a cold war
On all sides? It’s so bleak all the time
“Stay with me. You’re alone in the center of hell. Just be.”
The longest winter I have ever seen
From hospital to hospital, repeat…


Her eyes won’t open up anymore

As the flower in her womb began to wilt tonight

Petals sifting into her nervous system

And she looks so good in bandaged white


Won’t you stay with me, please?!

The traffic lights won’t amount to the hell

That I’m driving myself straight into

Hoping to find her broken body at the end of the well


For a while, she was beginning to blossom

Delicate heliotrope blots dotting her pallid cheeks

But the intruding scarlet painted her open lips

She looks so beautiful, please let this be a trick…


Hold on, please hold on, I’ll be there with you

If only you’d take a breath if I held mine as long as I do

I could kill god for all the wrongs I’ve committed

But that doesn’t give him the right to take it out on you


Her pulsating shallow beat is slowly going thud thud thud

Like my fist on the hospital doors, I arrived in time for the flatline

As the thorns rage around her heart, the flower begins to decay

If she loses, then I’ve lost, I wouldn’t have it any other way


I can’t…I can’t believe this…why did you—why did you leave me?

My foot won’t ease on the pedal, and the carbon monoxide is choking

‘Cause there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and I can see her face

Calling out to me, the headlights blind me as I fall into her embrace…


C R A S H.


First I need to save the life of god
So that god can come and save me from myself
If I have to walk alone I’m giving up
I can’t stay here knowing love is not enough…

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She’s got a smile it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything
Was as fresh as the bright blue sky…


Little child,

Your untainted innocence radiating is constantly so astounding

Your smoky quartz eyes staring wistfully at the painted ceiling

I often catch myself silently pondering, and breathlessly marvelling

At your blessed creation, almost surreal, such a miraculous happening

The universe itself delights gladly, pleased at your very conception

Shooting stars laugh and dance, sharing your birth to the nation

Galaxies veer wildly, clashing, dashing, lost in their excited elation

The daybreak hums, pulling a tapestry of fresh peach horizon

You lie resting peacefully, warmed in the wooden crib’s softest white

Blanket curled carefully yet intricately around your minute body

Tender skin unmarred, soft pink complexion, no scars, just light

An exquisite child made of stardust, love, and all Earth’s sheer beauty

Wispy raven hair falling to your smooth face in daintiest of curls

Tears falling like the clearest rain blown East by the loving zephyr

Toothless mouth and candy floss lips, in a slight smile unfurled

Your every breath taken in like a cherub’s whimsical faint whisper

Sleeping deep in the midnight, what fragile dreams do you bring?

Like a cotton ivory lamb frolicking joyously in the verdant valley spring

A slight twitch, a hint of movement, your mittened fingers in a hold

As you slumber on peacefully and cool oxygen embraces your soul

To the sweetest purest boy, to my sister’s bonny little child

I have been wounded, true, and the world is unruly, terrifying, and wild

This is a heartless, hateful planet, cruel, careless, to have harshly said

Scary monsters aren’t resigned to lurk in your closet and under your bed

They scream, they cry, they grab, they pull, they wail and they punch madly

Though you care not at all, you’re a mellow child, you’re cherished honey

Lovely child, you need not know more, for the darkness is not yet your enemy

But rather, it takes care of you and embraces you, a comforting entity

You’re sinless, your cotton clothes pristine, your childish innocence

Why, even Heaven sings at your sanguine, lighthearted benevolence

I wish you won’t grow up so soon, but even doves perched have to fly away

And I also await to see you age gradually and develop bit by bit, day by day

Whenever I catch a peep of your delicate form as it is, and your pensive brown eye blinked open

My hopes soar fast, the gloomy clouds drop, and I know in my heart that the world is not all tenebrous and broken.


Now and then when I see her face
She takes me away to that special place
And if I’d stare too long
I’d probably break down and cry…

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Smoke On The Water

Trickles of charcoal smoke flow on the pale murky waters

Forming labyrinthine swirls of death’s personal artwork

As fire grows increasingly unsteady and dares to dance higher

Beneath the bodies of charred skin, conflagrating anarchy is birthed.

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